Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

“.…Caring for life from the beginning to the end. What a simple thing, what a beautiful thing…. So go forth and don’t be discouraged. Care for life.  It’s worth it.” Pope Francis (when he was still Cardinal Bergoglios.

As you begin your preparations for this school year, I invite you to join me in celebrating, with all the Archdiocese of Regina, the third annual Reverence for Life month this October.

It is a time when we can teach and bring to light the intrinsic value that each human person is given by God our Father. Each stage of life presents its own unique challenges and struggles.  From the tiny preborn baby, the young child, adolescents, young adults, those with disabilities and the elderly – each life carries with it a dignity and value deserving of our care, respect and reverence.  Reverence for Life month is a time to celebrate the beautiful gifts God has given us.  It is a time to promote and facilitate the gospel and culture of life that our church teaches and calls each of us to live.

Here are some suggestions to celebrate Reverence of Life during October:

  • Structure morning prayer using the intentions for each week:
    • Week one-the unborn
    • Week two-the poor and victims of violence.
    • Week three-the elderly and the sick
    • Week four-the disabled
  • Join with your parish and have a Reverence for Life Mass.
  • Have the students perform one act of kindness each day alternating between the classroom, home and community.
  • Hold a fundraiser for a nursing home, Birthright or some other organization that promotes the dignity of people on the margins or our society.
  • Host an “art for life contest” highlighting culture of life issues.
  • Hold a classroom debate.
  • Bring in guest speakers to address these issues.

I thank you for your participation in last year’s Reverence for Life month and look forward to hearing about some of the ideas that come out of this year’s celebration.

You as teachers play a very important role in the formation of informed and conscientious Catholics. Please join me this October in Celebration, witness and Action.  Let us promote justice, pursue honesty and integrity and insist that the dignity of all human life be valued and protected.

Yours sincerely in Christ

Most Rev. Daniel J. Bohan
Archbishop of Regina


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