St. Blaise Lake Alma Becomes Totally Catholic

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Local Lutherans and Roman Catholics since 1992 shared the little white church here but on August 23 the church building was blessed as St. Blaise and became a totally Catholic Church. What was left of the Evangelical Lutheran community sold the building for the nominal sum of $1, according to Bernice Bloor, Chair of St. Blaise Pastoral Council. Title was transferred to the Archdiocese of Regina.  

“We’re a small bunch, but mighty,” said Bloor speaking with the PM. “We have about 15 families registered and about nine turn out regularly to mass.” Parish Priest Reverend Anthony Pangan SSS said this is the first time in his years as a priest that the entire congregation forms the Parish Council.  

The hamlet of Lake Alma is straight south of Regina a few kilometers from the U.S. Border. The 2006 census said its population is 30 and the Rural Municipality of Lake Alma had a population of 250. Bloor said the Catholic population in the area is growing with the help of immigration but mostly from returning families. “Quite a few of us have had our children come back to the community to reside in the community and raise their family here so we’re really hoping we can keep everybody coming.” 

Lake Alma has been a mission parish of Radville for many years, said Bloor. Mass is held in St. Blaise every second week with a lay service in between visits from Reverend Pangan who is responsible for six area parishes.  

Prior to 1992 the St. Blaise was housed in an even smaller building on the west side of the community. It was moved in from the country but nothing was done to it. There was no water or electric service said Bloor so in 1992 the Lutheran community was asked and agreed to share the Lake Alma Lutheran Church.  

Archdiocesan Vicar General Very Reverend Lorne Crozon conducted the blessing service and celebrated the mass con-celebrated with Reverend Pangan. “This wonderful gift of God is a sign of God’s Grace here,” said Crozon in his homily, “thanks to the Lutheran Community for this wonderful facility.” A few from the Lutheran community also attended the service.  

Crozon blessed with Holy Water and Incense the altar, tabernacle, lectern, and sanctuary and all the people who packed the church. Bloor said people came from all the other parishes served by Radville to help the celebration. 

The church appears to be in good condition but Bloor says some work on the building is required but they don’t intend to do anything for about a year to make sure the parish continues viable. 

Following the service most stayed to take advantage of a breezy but warm and sunny day for a pot luck picnic in an adjacent park.

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