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Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada

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September 26–27, 2015


Dear Pastors and collaborators in pastoral ministry,


The annual Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada is September 26-27. It is an opportunity for all the faithful in our country to give a hand to helping the Gospel!


To help continue this mission of faith and evangelization, the Bishops of Canada gather in four regional assemblies (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and the West), and also in a national Conference (the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops). The CCCB is particularly mandated by the Holy See and the Bishops of Canada to assist dioceses and their Bishops in a number of areas of pastoral life: faith formation, doctrine, ecumenical dialogues, international relations, interreligious conversations, liturgy, relations with Indigenous Peoples, social justice, and building a culture of life and family.


Each diocese participates in financing the regional assemblies and the Conference by a contribution based on its Catholic population. The annual Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada invites all the faithful toparticipate in this financing by helping their diocese meet its financial obligations to the regional assemblies and to the national Conference. Any additional revenues raised help the diocese support its own diocesan pastoral programs and other activities.


This year, the collection will be held when a number of families from Canada will be travelling to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on September 22-27,responding to an invitation by Pope Francis. In addition, the General Synod of Bishops on the family will be about to begin. This twofold coincidence reminds us of the importance of families as part of the Church’s mission and as part of the work of the national Conference and the regional assemblies. The Church’s commitment tofamilies is one more reason why all the faithful in our country will want to ensure the collection’s success through their generosity and solidarity.


The CCCB has prepared the attached promotional material to help you inform your parishioners of the purpose and importance of this annual collection. This same material will also be posted on the CCCB website by the beginning of September.  I thank you in advance for your valuable collaboration for ensuring its success. 


The Church will soon celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy. As we approach the Holy Year, the Bishops thank you for your generosity and assure you of their prayers.


Yours sincerely in Our Lord,


+ Paul-André Durocher

Archbishop of Gatineau and

President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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