Indeed it was a special celebration on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 11 at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in Rama. It isn't too often that three Oblate priests celebrate The Holy Eucharist in unison at one location on a Thanksgiving Sunday. However, such was the case in Rama when Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI, who was the main celebrant and pastor of Holy Rosary Parish in Edmonton, celebrated Mass for Jubilants, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski as they marked their 60th Anniversary of Marriage as requested by their family. Fr. Marcin Mironiuk OMI, pastor of St. Anthony's, celebrated the Mass for Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI marking his 25th Year of Priestly Ordination as requested by St. Anthony's Parish; while Fr. Mitch Burdzy OMI, pastor of St. Henry's Parish in Melville, celebrated Mass for the late Joseph Nieckar  as requested by the family. 

Fr. Andrew Sowa after having given the jubilants, Leonard and Vivian  a special blessing presented them with an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis in Rome; while Leonard, chairman of St. Anthony's Parish, then presented Fr. Andrew with a bouquet of roses on behalf of the parish.

A potluck lunch and program honoring Fr. Andrew's 25th Anniversary was held at the parish hall. Emcee, Mary Kowalyshyn, introduced the head table guests which included Shirley and Adam Kosar  representing St. Anne's Parish in Buchanan, Ken and Linda Rolheiser representing St. Joseph's Parish in Canora, Fr. Mitch Burdzy OMI, dean of the Yorkton-Melville Deanery, Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI, 25th Anniversary Jubilant  and a former pastor of St. Anthony's Parish, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski, 60th Anniversary Jubilants, Fr. Marcin Mironiuk OMI, present pastor of St. Anthony's,  parish council members Steve Barteski, Elaine Olson, Mary and Joe Kowalyshyn, Juliette Franke and altar servers Kenth and Kevin Gimena and Christian Cabungal.

Congratulatory messages and best wishes for Fr. Andrew were expressed by Ken Rolheiser,  Adam Kosar and Leonard Pasloski. Fr. Marcin and Fr. Mitch also spoke very fondly of Fr. Andrew who was their pastor at St. Maximillan Kolbe Parish in Mississauga, Ontario. Both being new associate pastors at the time felt that Fr. Andrew's excellent example of zealous hard work now has given them the knowledge of being in charge of their own parishes.

Gifts were presented to Fr. Andrew by Leonard Pasloski on behalf of the parish and Elaine Olson on behalf of the Ladies Club.

A powerpoint presentation depicting all the different aspects of Fr. Andrew's involvement within the parish throughout the years he spent at Rama as well as some of the other churches he served such as Sts. Peter and Paul in Dobrowody and St. Mary's in Tiny. The presentation also included many slides of his younger years in Poland including his ordination.

Fr. Andrew recalled  and shared many fond memories while serving  his parishes. A standing ovation was given by the audience at which time everyone sang "Sto Lat"  meaning wishing you 100 years of good wishes! A special anniversary cake with a host, chalice and live roses was cut by Fr. Andrew and the Jubilants, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski. Fr.Andrew served the cake and met all on a personal note. 


Photo #1- (L to R) Fr. Mitch Burdzy OMI, Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI and Fr. Marcin Mironiuk OMI celebrate Mass at St. Anthony's Church in Rama as Fr. Andrew gives a special blessing for jubilants, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski on their 60th Anniversary on Sunday, October 11

Photo #2 - Fr. Andrew presents jubilants, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski with the Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis in Rome, while Leonard presents Fr. Andrew with a bouquet of roses on behalf of St. Anthony's Parish.


Photo #3 - Seated at head table  (L to R)

Fr. Marcin, Vivian and Leonard Pasloski, Fr. Andrew, Fr. Mitch

#4 - Ken Rolheiser brings greetings  and offers congratulatory message to Fr. Andrew on behalf of St. Joseph's Parish in Canora

#5 - Fr. Andrew, Leonard & Vivian Pasloski  all take part in the cutting of Fr. Andrew's 25th Anniversary cake on Sunday, October 11

#6 - Fr. Andrew shares his many fond memories while he served as pastor at St. Anthony's.

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