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Very Rev. Lorne Dale Crozon Elected Diocesan Administrator for Regina

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Fr. Lorne With the sede vacante situation created by the death of Archbishop Daniel Bohan on January 15, 2016, in the light of canon 421 §1, the college of Consultors gathered on Thursday January 21, 2016 for the sole purpose of electing a Diocesan Administrator.

This is to officially inform you and the whole Diocese that the Very Rev. Lorne D. Crozon, has been elected the Diocesan Administrator for the Archdiocese of Regina, SK. He has made the profession of faith according to the provision of Canon 833 n. 4.

As diocesan administrator, the Very Rev. Lorne D. Crozon will oversee the daily governance of the Archdiocese of Regina and is “bound by the obligations and possesses the power of a diocesan bishop, excluding those matters which are excepted by their nature or the law itself” (canon 427). The Very Rev Fr. Lorne will apply his every Sunday Masses and his Masses on holy days of obligation for the good of the people of the whole diocese (CIC/c. 427§2 and AS #743).

Please let us keep Very Rev. Crozon in our prayers asking the Holy Spirit to guide him as he leads the Diocese during this time of transition. Also, please offer fervent prayers for the appointment of the new Bishop and for the needs of the diocese.

With my best wishes and prayers that the Lord will bless you in your work,

V. Rev. James Owolagba,
Chancellor, Archdiocese of Regina