Ecumenical committee members Lana Hebert, Vic Lavallee, Doug Shepherd, Heather Shepherd, Vicki Mayer and Father Jake Ibay organized an interdenominational service during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Held at Church of Our Lady in Moose Jaw, it began in November, with personal invitations and yellow roses, symbolizing friendship, sent to thirty-six churches in Moose Jaw. 

Father Jake served as the leader during the event, held on January 25, and Bishop Larry Hasmatali gave a homily outlining the importance of unity.  He began by stating that unity is essential to get things done.  He pointed out that it does not impose conformity.  It is possible to have unity among diversity, just as a foot is very different from an eye, but both are necessary and united in the body.  He went on to say that there is strength in numbers, and that together, Christians from all over the world can unite and produce great results, regardless of denomination.  He stated that unity must be a priority, and that it takes work to maintain.  He finished by advising that it is possible to attain and maintain it by being humble, gentle and patient. 

Participants were then invited to show their commitment to become salt of the earth and light of the world by participating in a symbolic ceremony.  They went to the front of the church, tasted a small pinch of salt then lit individual candles from the principal flame that was burning. The evening ended with a time of fellowship in the hall.

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