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Celebration of 13 Tuesday Devotions at St. Anthony's

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Forever thankful to all those who participated in this year’s 13 Tuesdays Devotion which was conducted at St. Anthony’s Church in Regina from March 15 until June 7, 2016 under the Theme: “There is nothing sweeter in this world than Jesus’ love, mercy and grace”.

A special word of gratitude goes out to our greeters and commentators; our organist and choir members, lectors and ushers.

Very grateful thanks to all those who came and helped last weekend, which made it a beautiful three-day celebration of our Patron Saint, from June 11-13, 2016.

A special celebration was held on Saturday evening at St. Anthony’s Parish Hall with a toast of Italian wine and a delicious sandwich made with blessed St. Anthony's Bread. 

Prizes were prepared for the winners of the 13 Tuesday Quiz on the Gospel of St. Luke.  Congratulations and applause to all who took part in the quiz and a special thank you, encouragement and best wishes on your study of the Holy Bible, especially the New Testament.

The VOICE Choir presented a Concert of Gospel Songs. It was a fantastic and awe-inspiring performance with the two new songs requested: “Blessed Anthony pray for us’ and the ‘Pescador de Hombres’ (Fisher of men).

Sunday liturgies and the Mass on June 13 at St. Anthony’s Church were offered for the intentions of the devotees of St. Anthony’s, friends, benefactors and parishioners of St. Anthony’s Parish.

During those festivities, a very important announcement was made. It is fitting that St. Anthony’s Parish, in this 85th anniversary year, pay special tribute to Saint John Paul II. He always emphasized the need to honour our past, celebrate the present, and to hope and entrust our future to Jesus Christ. It is with joy and gratitude for this great saint who was chosen from amongst us, that we announce, at this time, that St. Anthony’s Parish will close its 85th Anniversary celebration with the unveiling of a statue of Saint John Paul II on his feast day, October 22, 2016.  The statue has been gifted to the parish by a benefactor and is currently being sculpted and painted in Italy, by a sculpting company that does many works world-wide and for the Vatican.

After participation in the 13 Tuesdays Devotion, you are starting to live the “Paduan way of life”; meaning that you are imitating some of the ways St. Anthony of Padua lived his life.

On any Tuesday you may join those invoking the Miracle-Worker at St. Anthony’s Church, by reciting and continuing to pray the prayers for nine consecutive Tuesdays or Thirteen Tuesdays. Mass is offered at St. Anthony’s Church every Tuesday at 6:30 PM, or you may wish to attend Mass on that day at any convenient church. In God’s own way, we are always blessed by this trust and perseverance.