Regina Archdiocese Undergoes Re-Organization Following Retirements

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Retirements, a resignation and re-aligning of resources while awaiting the appointment of a new Archbishop has resulted in a temporary re-organization for the Regina Archdiocese office staff.

Support staff Diana Demaria will leave at the end of August and will begin university studies to realize “my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher”.  Receptionist Joan Fellinger adds support duties for Archdiocesan Theologian Dr. Brett Salkeld. Support staff Louise Molesky remains in her position and adds support duties for Social Justice, Youth and Pastoral Services ministries.

Teresa Whalen Lux retired June 30 as co-ordinator of the Resource Centre and Sister Rufina Dubao has been hired on a temporary basis to look after the Resource Centre affective July 15. Co-ordinator for the Lay Formation and Evangelization Program, Eric Gurash will help out in the selection of material for the Resource Centre.

The support staff position as well as co-ordinator of the Resource Centre will not be replaced until an archbishop is appointed and his vision of pastoral services is known.

The Regional Catechetical office in Esterhazy and the Pastoral regional office in Swift Current are no longer in service and a pilot program in Swift Current has been discontinued.

Very Reverend Lorne Crozon continues as Diocesan Administrator until the arrival of new Archbishop.

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