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Public RosaryRally in Regina

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Two groups publicly said the Rosary, October 15; one group in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly at the south end of the flower garden across the road and the other prayed in front of Holy Rosary Cathedral. The Public Rosary Rallies were initiated by a relatively new organization called The Canadian Society for the Defence of Christian Civilization. It was established as a non-profit on June 25, 2013 to advance religion by the promotion of the religious teachings, tenets, doctrines, morals, and observances of the Roman Catholic faith and their application to individuals, families, and society in Christian culture and civilization. The public square rosary campaign is called Canada Needs Our Lady, according to the group’s web page. Rallies were held by 337 groups across Canada, all praying for Canada and the world.

Sharon Martorana organized the group praying in front of the cathedral and Jessica Hernando’s group was in front of the legislative building. “There are many reasons to pray in public,” said Martorana in an interview with the PM. “It is really important to honour Our Lady and pray for Canada. It is an opportunity for the public to see us,” she said.

Hernando said the exposure helps Regina to Pray. “I think the Rosary is a powerful prayer.” Hernando said several people approached her group and asked for a rosary. “They were probably Catholic but not going to church.” She believes some of the people who asked for rosaries may have attended the October 14 installation of Donald Bolen as Archbishop of Regina.

Both groups had about 30 people take part in praying the rosary which, according to Hernando, her group was about double the number who participated in 2015, the first year it was held.


The rallies are held on the Saturday closest to October 13th, which this year is the 99th anniversary of Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima, said Martorana.