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January 31, 2017

Interfaith community calls for love and unity Recent events targeting the Muslim community have prompted Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and other interfaith groups to pledge their support to Muslims here in Canada and around the world. "People of all faiths and indeed of no faith must reach out in love and harmony when any religious group is victimized for its beliefs," Multi-Faith Saskatchewan announced. The organization was promoted to lend its support to the Muslim community after the recent shooting that left six people dead and 17 injured in an attack on a mosque in Quebec City. This incident follows actions in the U.S. where President Trump followed through on his threat to restrict entry to the U.S. by people from specific majority Islamic countries. "We believe these are actions prompted by hate and intolerance and they have no place in civilized society. All faiths represent love for each other, harmony among people, belief in the Creator and respect for creation," the multi-faith group said. "Throughout history, individuals, leaders and even States have acted violently against religious groups in the name of religion. Such acts are not the will of a loving God but are acts driven by selfishness, greed, hate, ignorance and even insanity. "We believe it is our duty to not only act with love and unity and respect but to speak out in support of any religious group or anyone who is the victim of such gross injustice. "We strongly believe that all people should have the right and freedom to practice their faith without fear of religious discrimination, threat, abuse or violence. "And so Multi-Faith Saskatchewan joins with Regina Multi-Faith Forum, Multi-Faith Saskatoon, Calling Lakes Interfaith Friendship Forum and other interfaith and intercultural and religious bodies in Saskatchewan to express wholehearted support for our Muslim sisters and brothers in this painful and difficult time. We will continue to walk together for the values and beliefs we share." The organization calls for all people whether or not they are members of a religious community to take the time to pray for the Muslim community or to speak out, to hold vigils, march, protest or do whatever it takes to show support for victims of religious intolerance and hatred.

For more information: Contact Dr. Amr Henni 306.585.4960 or Rev. Mary Brubacher <mary [dot] brubacheratrqhealth [dot] ca>

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