The Cuernavaca Project, for more than 25 years, has been assisting villagers in the Cuernavaca region of Mexico create a better life.   The goal is to improve the standard of living for the people through community development projects that create self sustainability.  This January a group of 10 adventurers went to Huaypan, Moreles, Mexico to assist the villagers.  The group included Debbi Bulych, Tracy Carrol, Brady Antel, Debbie Dittrick, Randy Franke, Beckey Franke, Jim Hall, Dale Stoudt, Thalia Rink and Joan Rink (group coordinator).

The mantra of the Cuernavaca Project for the last four years has been “We’re going to build a school.”  With the purchase of land in April, we were ready to build.  This group of fearless people journeyed to Mexico to begin the task.  First came the puzzle of fitting rocks in a pattern to be set in concrete for the foundation.  After making 428 adobe bricks, walls began to go up.  The locals were wondering what these “white people” getting burnt in the sun could accomplish but were impressed with the amount of work completed, by hand, by the Regina Archdiocese group. Unbreakable bonds were formed illustrated in the last days of the project by the locals who said in halting English 'thanks friend'.

The most often heard word during our time there was 'amazing'.  Amazing families, amazing work, amazing experience, everyone in the group was grateful to be part of the project.  For me standing in the middle of “our” land and seeing the mountain to the left, the river to the right and watching the frame go up for a greenhouse that covers an acre of land warmed me to my toes.  There is a freshness and tranquility in this space.

One of the single mothers said, “When this is finished, there will be work.  Please remember me!”  How soul satisfying to know that our agricultural school will not only provide work but also teach skills so they will have jobs.  Their reliance on their men going North to work will lessen.

Much work still needs to be done.  Fund raising will continue so that the building can continue.  More information can be found on Facebook Cuernavaca Project 2013 and the website

by Joan Rink – Project Coordinator


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