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Regina Catholic School's AGM

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The Regina Roman Catholic School Division continues to have one of the best academic records in the province, according to reports given at the Annual General meeting held February 6 at the Catholic Education Centre. “Our Annual Report shows that our students continue to achieve above provincial standards in most academic categories that are measured,” said Director of Education Domenic Scuglia. “This is a tribute to the commitment all our employees make to ensure all our students reach their full potential.”

Catholic School Board Chair Donna Ziegler said the Trustees appreciate that results like that do not happen by chance; that it requires the effort and care of the entire education community. On behalf of all the Trustees she expressed appreciation to all school-based administrators, teachers, education support professionals, custodians, Catholic education Centre staff and all who had a hand in the education of the students. “We are truly blessed to have such caring and committed staff who everyday take pride in the work they do to support our children.”

Scuglia did express concern that given the fiscal realities in Saskatchewan the division will be challenged to deliver services at the same level. He was also concerned that if further school division amalgamation does take place, ”the disruption that would come with sorting out the new boards will handicap our ability to focus on the Sector Plan and our own strategic plan.” Amalgamation of school boards was one of the options proposed by Dan Perrins, a former provincial Deputy Minister who was commissioned by the Saskatchewan government to study school board governance and make recommendations for changes. Another of the recommendations called for government-appointed trustees rather than elected boards. Director Scuglia said, “Appointed boards would undermine our right to the democratic process.” Separate school systems and French language schools are constitutionally protected.

The Government created a six-person committee to obtain feedback to the recommendations from school boards, their stakeholders and the general public.  The committee is to report to government sometime in the next month or two about what it heard. It will then be up to the provincial cabinet to decide what, if any, changes to make, said Education Minister and Deputy Premier Don Morgan.

The Annual General meeting is mandated by the Education Act, at which to present to electors an annual report including the audited financial statements. Unfortunately, in most cases few electors show up to these meetings and the audience is usually comprised of senior administration, trustees and staff. This year, one parent in attendance at the meeting asked about bus routes and boundary changes for one of the new schools. Her family currently resides within walking distance of one of the current schools and to attend the new school would require the children to ride a bus. She took the opportunity to discuss it with one of the superintendents who attended the meeting. She said she was satisfied with the discussion and decided her children would continue to attend their current school.