REGINA……The cold weather did not prevent Regina Archbishop’s annual New Year’s levee from attracting a steady stream of people to the Holy Rosary Cathedral auditorium to greet and receive a blessing for the New Year from Archbishop Donald Bolen.

The levee traditionally takes place in the Cathedral auditorium. The Father Huguonard and Father Riffel councils of the 4th degree Knights of Columbus in their colourful capes and plumed hats provided an honour guard for the Archbishop at the 11:00 A.M. mass that preceded the levee. Then, the Knights staffed a table at the levee and offered a glass of sherry to celebrate the New Year and take the edge off the coolness of the room; the Cathedral Catholic Women’s League provided a table full of light food and goodies and a table of coffee and tea, attended and served by a Cathedral couple who were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. They received special recognition and a blessing by Father Danilo Rafael, Cathedral Rector, at the 11:00 a.m. mass. Unfortunately, the Cathedral and Auditorium were both uncomfortably cool, a result of some burst pipes of the day previous which affected the heating system and the water taps, but Saskatchewan people are accustomed to dressing for the weather and didn’t let that prevent them from enjoying the levee.



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