Mission Trip Has Huge Impact!

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By Michaela Lang

To say The King Children’s Home, Belize had a huge impact on my life is an understatement. It was life changing. Much like our daily lives, God’s plan for this mission trip was not the same as ours, and it certainly was not the experience I expected to have. When we arrived, the projects we anticipated doing, were not ready to be started. So we spent our 7 days being very present with the children and young adults. Spending two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon with the younger children and two hours with the teens, which was soon known as “Teen Club”. I never would have imagined the impact these young adults would have had on my life.

I had spent the last couple years in my life with a void in my heart. A void that seemed like no one nor any thing could fill it. But although the teen club had a rocky start, the time spent with them showed me a community of love, God’s love, and self-love. The friendships I made at King Children’s Home have become forever friendships.

Before going to Belize, I fully believed I wouldn’t have any attachment to the kids, but leaving the home was one of the hardest challenges. Not because I didn’t want to get back to my “normal life” at home, but because the friendships I gained were stronger than friendships I had back home. On our last night in Belize we were asked to come back to the home to spend one last night in worship. If I thought saying goodbye the first time was hard, the second time was much more emotional for me. It was exciting to see the kids running from their dorms and into our arms, however it was surprising to hear the exasperation when they told me we were the first group to come back before leaving Belize. To me it was simple, there was no better way to spend our last night than with them. God showed his love through the love the children had for us and the love we had for them. We were not only there to minister to the King Children’s Home but for them to minister to us as well. Since being home, I have noticed my desire to know God instead of know of Him has become a strong force in my heart. I want to live my life in the same humble way that these children and young adults live their everyday lives. Since visiting Belize, the void I once felt is now overflowing with joy. 

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