By: Rose Mary Hartney

World Day of Prayer 2018 was hosted by Church of Our Lady following the program, “All God’s Creation is Very Good”, prepared by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Suriname.

The seven women of Suriname were portrayed by women representing various Moose Jaw congregations. The children’s choir from St. Mary’s School, assisted by members of The COOL Saturday Choir provided the music.  The reflection/meditation for the service was in the form of a dramatization written and presented by Michele Yeager and Debbie Burgher. Following the drama, people were invited to write words of individual commitment to protect God’s creation.

Fr. Jake Ibay and Rev. Linda Tomlinson-Seebach, Minto United Church read the Scriptures.

A reception followed the prayer service and featured the colours of the Suriname flag as depicted with tablecloths. The replica endangered turtles and flowers highlighted the tables.

“All God’s Creation is Indeed Very Good” as demonstrated by the cooperative spirit generated to present World Day of Prayer 2018 at COOL.

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