By Frank Flegel

They came from all over the province in support of the unborn. It was a two-day observance that began on May 5 with a Saturday afternoon Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral celebrated by  Archbishop Donald Bolen.

In his homily, quoting from scripture, the archbishop spoke about the beauty of creation and that human beings hold a special place in that creation. “Within the vast and comprehensible creations, God creates beings with will and intellect, creates beings in His own image and likeness capable of joining God in God’s work of creation.” He continued to say that it is this first gift of creation, the gift of life, that opens the door to all the other gifts of creation, and “all the other gifts depend on this fundamental gift of God to each human being, the gift of life.” After the Mass, all who attended gathered outside at the Memorial to the Unborn located to the west of the Cathedral’s front steps, where the archbishop led the group in prayers for the unborn. 

Sunday, May 6, the Pro-Life advocates demonstrated their support with a highly visible march from Christ the King Church to the legislative building in south Regina.

They walked, largely in silence, from the Church where they had rallied and registered, then walked about a kilometer to the legislative building. The marchers stayed on the sidewalks with volunteer marshals getting them safely across the intersections. Vehicles politely stopped for them as they crossed at the corners, a few horns honked in support. A few signs identified supporters from several communities, Swift Current and Yorkton appeared to be the most prominent.

Their destination was the dais at the front entrance to the legislative building where they prayed, sang some hymns and listened to speakers supporting all life from conception to natural death. Speakers called on the marchers to contact their Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly urging them to legislate support for the unborn. More than 200 began the march from the church and reached the legislative building about 20 minutes later. The weather co-operated with a bright, sunny day with the temperature in the low to mid 20s and virtually calm winds. Pastor Steve Rosluk, of First Baptist Church, Yorkton, led the group in a prayer for the unborn as the marchers crowded around the microphone in front of the legislative building. Knights of Columbus State Deputy Brian Schatz paraphrased Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech ; “I have a dream that someday  all  conceived children of God and those with terminal afflictions will one day live in a nation where thy will not be judged but that they would be loved and share in the joys of life.” 

Singer/song writer Troy McNaughton of Yorkton Alliance Church played guitar and entertained the crowd until the speeches began.

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