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Conversations over the Fence: Creative Initiatives in Ecumenical and Inter-faith Relations

Since the Second Vatican Council, we can say with confidence that dialogue is constitutive of the Church's life in the world. Dialogue and relationship building take many shapes, and some of those creative efforts include receptive ecumenism, scriptural reasoning, dialogue with Indigenous spiritual traditions, and interfaith conversations in the sphere of culture.

Archbishop Donald Bolen spoke January 17 to students and faculty at King's University in London, Ontario. The lecture was part of a series entitled "Veritas Series for Faith and Culture." According to King's, the series "endeavours to foster learning and dialogue by gathering our community together, as we seek to live lives of faith and justice.... This year's series entitled, 'Building Bridges Over Walls' challenges us to find new ways of overcoming obstacles in living out the gospel, of bringing about healing in Christ's Body and to foster the Church's witness in the wider community." Speakers include artists, activists, scientists, and theologians. Archbishop Bolen's lecture was co-sponsored by the Diocese of London's Commission for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue.

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