The sun was shining brightly on Friday morning, May 17th as St. Joseph's parishioners along with Fr. Franklin Emereuwa joined with several St. Joseph's students and many others from the Canora High School to pick up garbage and debris along the town's walking trails and streets and parks in a project to "Keep Our Town Beautiful." 

Our plan began early in Lent when we discussed ideas for the parish to offer a Lenten sacrifice that could involve the Parish as a whole.  We liked the idea of a community clean-up but our numbers were small, and the cold, snow and mud during Lent made it unfeasible. 

After a discussion with the Town Administration, we were offered a chance to join with the town in a project that was in the planning stages for mid-May.  Great things happen when we work together and today was no exception.  We enjoyed the fresh air, exercise, friendship and the opportunity to reach out to the community as a whole.  We were able to show them that St. Joseph's is a part of this town and that we care about all things our Creator has given us!

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