Archdiocese of Regina Youth Encounter Christ In Winnipeg’s Inner City

By Braden Kuntz


During the Easter break, the Youth Office took 11 high school students to Winnipeg, MB, where we had the joy of participating in an Inner City Missions Trip.

The general purpose of this trip is to provide our young people with an opportunity to serve those in need. It has proven to be an incredibly powerful experience in the past and is something the youth look forward to every year.

The trip itself lasts for four days, and takes place during the high school’s Easter break. With everyone loaded into a very snug van, we were on our way to Kenosee Boys & Girls Camp. It is there that the young people were able to assist with some spring cleaning, as well as prepare themselves both mentally and spiritually for the experience they were about to have in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhood.

The following morning we were finally off for Winnipeg. We were graciously hosted by the Welcome Home, a Redemptorist Mission home that has been serving the Winnipeg community in a variety of ways since 1993. From community events, sacrament prep, youth programming, piano lessons, and food hamper distribution, the Welcome Home is a hub of activity in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhood, and served as our home for three days.

While we did a number of service projects around the Home itself, our main mission was serving at the Agape Table and the Union Gospel Mission. At the Agape table, we began our day by serving breakfast to everyone who came through the front door. Some of the young people took on roles in the kitchen doing food prep, while others served the food, and others still cleaned up afterwards. It was non-stop work for most of the morning, as once someone had finished eating, there was another ready to take their place. We did our best to serve with a smile, and ended up making some new friends in the process. 

After lunch, it was off to the Union Gospel Mission. While they had just finished serving lunch and all their clients were gone for the day, there was no shortage of work for us to do. Splitting up into smaller work crews once again, one group was tasked with wiping down the dining room in its entirety, while the others loaded a semi-trailer full of donations. Afterwards, we finished by cleaning up their main hall, and were lucky enough to hear the personal testimony of one of the directors of the Gospel Union Mission. It was a powerful story of conversion, which involved his transition from being a client of the Gospel Union Mission to being able to serve there daily as a programming director. It is surely a story that we will never forget.

We were lucky enough that evening to be able to visit and tour the Bishop Velychkovsky National Martyr’s Shrine. During our time there we were able to learn about the life of Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky, and even went home with some 3rd class relics. 

Overall it was an incredible four days with many new friends made along the way. We are so grateful to be able to provide these experiences for our young people, as we are lucky enough to see first-hand the amazing impact that it so often has on their lives. Please continue to pray for our young people, as well as all the poor and homeless members of our communities.

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