Theresa Hilbig, Executive Director of Visitation House Receives St. Edmund Campion Medal

By Deacon Eric Gurash with files from Campion College


The Archdiocese of Regina is pleased to share the awarding of Visitation House Executive Director, Theresa Hilbig with Campion College of Regina’s St. Edmund Campion Medal.  The award, presented during the Spring Convocation ceremonies at Campion College Friday, June 6, 2019, recognizes individuals whose life and activities have exemplified the service of faith and the promotion of Justice – ideal championed by St. Edmund Campion and embedded in the Jesuit philosophy of education at Campion College.


Hilbig, who has served as Executive Director of Visitation House since 2002, completed her Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Campion College and her Masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Regina.


A single mother who raised her four children on student loans, she put herself through university. This is what she remembers when she connects with women who are downhearted, hungry, and broke every day. In her convocation address to this Spring's graduates, Hilbig recognized that although the temptation to allow her struggles to dampen her light were real "as I allowed God’s light to shine, through me and spoke my truth, I became less afraid.  I received courage to fight harder for the most vulnerable."  


This growing courage led her into work as a social worker for the Circle Project and Paul Dojack Youth Social Service Program and eventually transitioned to the Department of Social Services as a case manager.


In 2001, she began at Visitation House, and by 2002, she became the Executive Director. Many of those who have stepped through the doors of Visitation House for a hot meal, someone to talk to, and for hope have called her something more: the heart and soul of the place.


Ms. Hilbig not only serves as the administrator of the centre but also offers crisis counseling and acts as an advocate for some of Regina’s poorest and most at-risk women. "Every day, people come to Visitation House," Hilbig said, "I am amazed that after 19 years, the women are still filling up the room, daily.  They are drawn to this place where love resides." 


As she spoke to the gathered graduates she encouraged them to make room for Christ in their future, "as we draw closer to Jesus, we too become filled with the awesome realization that we are all participants in God’s plan for salvation."


Hilbig concluded her address by praying that graduates might "walk in kindness and love.  If you live your life offering peace to those you share this planet with, your life will be filled with joy!  I pray that you will all live out your truth, I pray that you will stick to your convictions, even in times when you are faced with opposition.  I pray that you realize all your dreams; set your bar high and reach for it!  Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven."


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