By Marianne Bast

On Saturday night, June 15th, former parishioners gathered at St Ignatius Church in Kendal to celebrate the parish’s 100th Anniversary and to attend the annual cemetery Mass. We gathered to pay tribute to our ancestors for their strong faith, their desire to build a church and parish and their perseverance and strong will which allowed the parish to succeed for 100 years.

The Mass was held inside the church instead of at the cemetery because of the cool, damp and windy weather although the weather didn’t dampen the spirit of those faithful parishioners due to the lively polka Mass.

After the celebration of the Mass, Father Joy along with many of those in attendance proceeded to the cemetery where he blessed the graves of our deceased family members, which was then followed by lunch and fellowship in the church basement.

As a former parishioner and someone who grew up attending St. Ignatius Parish, a heartfelt thank you to the organizing committee and all those that worked to make the anniversary a success. It is also very comforting and heart-warming to see how well you care for the church, the church grounds and the cemetery.

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