Who does God care for, and where and when does God show that care?

As Catholics, we trust that the answer is for everyone, everywhere, and always. Our faith is a conviction that the Risen Lord goes in search of all of us, and of all those who are wounded, broken, and cast aside. And He comes to find and transform us through God’s redeeming grace, overcoming darkness with light and hatred with love. As God brings about change in us, we are called to be agents of transformation and love for others.
The opportunity to help change our world is always within our grasp. It often begins with opening our eyes to see who God has placed on our path. With eyes of faith, we can also trust that God has been at work in our midst all along, waiting for us to join Him.

As an Archdiocese, with all our limitations and our failings, we strive to put ourselves at the service of God’s work, both within our parishes and in our outreach beyond them. This is why the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is so important – and why your ongoing support matters so much. It is your generosity to the Appeal that allows so much of this transformation to happen.
Donations to the Archbishop’s Appeal – of absolutely any amount – help fund the ministries and community programs that share Christ’s love with those around us. This is the work of our Lord, the work to which He invites us to join Him. Come as you are, wherever you are from, and let us join in the transforming work of the Lord together.
Making the decision to share your time, talent, and treasure is a uniquely personal one – something that I truly invite you to prayerfully consider. There are so many ways to be life-giving agents of change, and I understand that you might have questions about the Appeal.

Questions like…

“I can’t contribute much, will my gift really make a difference?” or “What kind of work would my gift make possible?”

Every donation to the Archbishop’s Appeal – no matter how big or small – makes a meaningful difference.
This year we are blessed to share four powerful stories of transformation, all related to your contributions to the Appeal;

From Darkness to Light: Rik’s Story
“Could God ever love a man like me?”
After 34 years in prison and a lifetime of pain, Rik McWhinney was a man in need of deep healing and friendship. And through compassion and caring, he found peace and acceptance in his life beyond bars.

Rik’s life took him through hell and back, and in his baptism he found rest in Christ’s abiding love. On this extraordinary journey of transformation, he was blessed by those who accompanied him, and became a blessing in return.
Your donations fund ministries and programs like Friends on the Outside (FOTO), an organization that works with inmates and former inmates to provide comfort, care, friendship, and forgiveness.

From Need to Comfort: Sherrie’s Story

“It was like the sun coming up… I had been in the dark for so long.”
Longterm illness can be a lonely battle, but thanks to the warm and welcoming environment at Wascana Centre, Sherrie Bigg found a place where she felt at home.
At Wascana Centre, Sherrie would make a treasured new friend – and through this friendship with the Hospital Chaplain, she would also grow into a relationship with God. Despite her illness, Sherrie has found a new kind of peace and love she never knew was possible.

Sherrie’s moving testimony shares the hidden experiences of many who are blessed by Hospital Chaplaincy. In her words, this program opened her world like the sun rising over a mountain.

From Doubt to Faith: Father Parker’s Story

“Maybe the grace of baptism is real.”
A single moment can change your life forever. For Father Parker Love, this happened twice. First, in witnessing his father’s transformation through baptism. And second, in surviving an accident that left him paralyzed.
St Paul reminds us not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom 12:2). Sometimes God transforms us in ways we would never expect. For Father Parker, this transformation was from doubt to faith, from brokenness to healing, from trusting in his own gifts to relying on God’s grace.

From Belief to Faith in Action: St. Wenceslaus and Gerald’s Story
“The church as a whole is important to us.”
Every year, the town of Gerald, Saskatchewan gets a little smaller. But within the walls of St. Wenceslaus, the town’s only remaining gathering place, the love of Christ continues to be a binding force.
The parishioners of St. Wenceslaus are doing what Catholics across our diocese strive to do every day: let Christ’s love transform their families and communities. They also have a deep understanding of the life-giving relationship between their parish, the Archdiocese, and the larger Catholic Church.

Ministries and programs like Friends on the Outside (FOTO), Hospital Chaplaincy, formation of seminarians , priests, and deacons, and the life-giving relationship between local parishes and the work of the larger Church help to transform lives every day.

More details about each of these stories will be featured in the videos shown in parishes this Fall. These same videos along with more information about this year’s appeal, and an opportunity to donate can be found online at

I invite you to read, to listen, and to pray.

Thank you for all that you have helped to make possible. I thank God for you and with you. And I encourage you to look into what the Annual Appeal will allow us to do in the year ahead and join us on this journey of transformation.
God in Christ leads us from doubt to faith, from discouragement to joy, from darkness to light and from death to life. Let us rejoice in it, and let us find ever new ways of putting ourselves at the service of that great work.

Thank you and God Bless,

+Donald Bolen
Archbishop of Regina

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