Regina Way of the Cross Through Victims Voices words repurposed for Day of Prayer for Victims/Survivors Day of Prayer at St. Edmund of Canterbury Parish Beckenham, London England.


(St. Edmund's Church, England where Deacon Sean Murphy Serves)

By Pamela Walsh


Each year an annual Day of Prayer for Survivors of sexual abuse is held in England, this year it is on Tuesday May 4th.  (In keeping with honouring the language we use here, we refer to victims/survivors, acknowledging that people are in different places as they try to heal.) This year, on the 5th Friday of Lent, St. Edmund in Canterbury Beckenham, London live streamed the Way of the Cross Through Victims Voices that was written in the Regina Archdiocese. Deacon Sean Murphy spearheaded the conversation with the Regina Archdiocese to seek permission and use the service to reach people in his area. It was a huge success. To watch the Way of the Cross Through Victims Voices click here:


Over the course of the last several weeks, Deacon Sean worked to find a way to again bring the words of victims from here to help victims there. With that, St. Edmunds will have live stream events for the Day of Prayer, concluding with a 6pm mass (their time) followed by Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, which has been modified to pray for the victims of sexual abuse within the Church.  Deacon Sean will participate in both the Mass and the Chaplet.


What is truly amazing about this encounter is that it was completely by chance that the Way of the Cross through Victims Voices was found. The powerful words written in Regina have been transported across the globe to benefit other victims. And now from that, another process has evolved, enabling the same pain and sorrow evoked by the Way of the Cross now to be heard in the Chaplet of Seven Sorrows of Mary. I encourage everyone to take time to watch and be in solidarity not only with victims, but also with St. Edmunds as they begin to reach out in a different way than before to those deeply wounded by clergy sexual abuse.  You can find the live stream events here:


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