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The Archdiocesan Annual Appeal Grants

The Archdiocese of Regina offers grants from its Archdiocesan Annual Appeal fundraising revenue to Deaneries, Parishes, Charities and special projects according to the availability of funds. The purpose of these grants is to support others in the community who are working toward implementing our vision of faith alive in a dynamic Catholic Church community as expressed in our Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan.

Applications are reviewed on a bi-annual basis in March and October by the Archdiocesan Appeal Committee and granted at the full discretion of the Archbishop in consultation with the Archdiocesan Finance Council. Please submit questions and/or completed applications to the Archdiocesan Development Office.

The Archdiocese of Regina does not typically offer grants in support of capital expenditures to build, maintain, renovate, repair or re-furbish parish buildings or properties. However, our Development Office is available to provide support and guidance in developing local capital campaign initiatives.

Deanery Project Funds

To Download the Deanery Project Grant Application click here

These grants of a maximum of $5,000 per deanery are designated for the purpose of enabling the Archdiocese’s deaneries to implement the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan.

The funds may be used in support of activities that reinforce deanery decentralization and focus on the priorities addressed in the Pastoral Plan – Evangelization, Education, Enabling the Laity, Liturgy.  The focus should be toward deanery-wide programs as opposed to programs limited to a single-parish scope. Examples could include a deanery youth rally or retreat,  a family retreat, a Growing  Faith program, a program to reach out to non-practicing Catholics, a special speaker/venue event, etc. Mileage claims are generally discouraged as a use for these funds.

Special Programs & Projects Funds

To Download the Special Programs and Projects Fund Application
Click Here

Grants may be requested by parishes, registered charities, non-profits or community associations from the Archdiocese of Regina. Please include a cover letter explaining the services provided by your organization, how funds will be used to further the mission of the Catholic Church in the Saskatchewan community and your most recent financial statement.

Grants may be applied toward a capital expenditure or spiritual growth and development program. Applicants must describe how this project or activity advances the mission of the diocesan church and who will benefit from this initiative.

Applicants must provide financial information regarding either the expected budget for this project or a financial statement from the most recent year that the project or program has operated.

All those receiving grants will be required to complete and submit an annual report on how the funds were used in order to be considered in future years for further financial support.