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Deacon Eric Gurash, Director of Communications and Evangelization
Email:  egurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Archdiocese of Regina

445 Broad St. N.
Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 2X8
Phone: (306) 352-1651
Fax:  (306) 545-0510

Chancery Office

Archbishop: Most Reverend Donald J. Bolen

Vicars General:

Very Rev. Lorne Crozon, V.G.
Email: fatherlorneatsasktel [dot] net

Very Rev. Brian Meredith, V.G.
Email: fatherbrianatsasktel [dot] net

Administrative Support Staff Bishop's Office:
Amanda Trainor
(306) 352-1651  Ext. 1680
Fax: (306) 352-6313
Email:  bishopofficeatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Chancellor: Very Reverend James Owolagba

Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6727
Fax: (306) 352-6313
Email: jwolagbaatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca 

Bishop's Delegate for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse: Rev. Brad Fahlman
Phone: (306) 400-3655
Email: enquiryatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

College of Consultors
Very Rev. James Owolagba: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6727
Very Rev. Lorne Crozon: (306) 543-3838
Very Rev. Brian Meredith: (306) 634-5790
Very Rev. John mock: (306) 794-4834
Very Rev. George Thattuparampil: (306) 727-3280
Very Rev. Valentine Amobi: (306) 746-2081
Very Rev. Gaspar Lucas: (306) 536-8203
Very Rev. Guy Amedee, Ainemon: (306) 586-0449
Rev. Franklin Emereuwa: (306)-625-7110
Rev. Guy Amedee, Ainemon (306)-565-0909
Rev. Nestor Gregoire:  (306) 487-2497
Rev. Dan Rafael: (306) 565-0909
Director of Personnel & Human Resources

Very. Rev. Guy Amedee, Ainemon
Phone: (306) 586-0449
Fax: (306) 586-0009
Email: guyamedeeatyahoo [dot] fr 

Archdiocesan Receptionist
Joan Fellinger
Phone: (306) 352-1651 
Email:  jfellingeratarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


Esterhazy Deanery

Dean: Very Rev. John Mock, V.F. 
Box 100
Grayson, SK   S0A 1E0
Email: john [dot] mocatsasktel [dot] net
Phone: (306) 794-4834
Fax:  (306) 794-2198

Estevan Deanery

Dean: Very Rev. Sathiadas Antony
109-12th Ave.
Estevan, SK  S4A 1C9
Email: ansathisjbatgmail [dot] com
Phone: (306) 634-2190
(306) 634-6845

Moose Jaw/Gravelbourg Deanery 

Dean: Very Rev. George Thattuparampil MST, V.F. 
1064-3rd Ave NW
Moose Jaw, SK   S6H 3T9
Email: vakkachanmstatgmail [dot] com
Phone: (306) 694-1944
Fax: (306) 693-0650

Qu’Appelle Deanery

Dean: Very Rev. Valentine Amobi, V.F.
Box 157
Raymore, SK   S0A 3J0
Email: amobivalenscatyahoo [dot] com
Phone: (306) 746-2081
Fax: (306) 746-2083
Phone: (306) 332-6684

East Regina Deanery 
Dean: Very Rev. Rick Krofchek, V.F.
3155 Windsor Park Rd.
Regina, SK  S4V 3B1
Email: fkrofchek32atgmail [dot] com
Phone: (306) 352-0988
Fax: (306) 352-0999

West Regina Deanery
Dean: Very Rev. Gaspar Lucas, SVD, V.F.
Box 746
Lumsden, SK   S0G 3C0
Email: reginalucas15atyahoo [dot] com
Phone: (306) 536-8203

Swift Current Deanery 

Dean: VeryRev. Melchor Samonte
Box 637
Shaunavon, SK   S0N 2M0
Email: fr_choi624atyahoo [dot] com
Phone: (306) 297-3744
Fax: (306) 297-3775

Weyburn Deanery 

Dean: Very Rev. Gerry Bauche, V.F.
Box 7
Wilcox, SK   S0G 5E0
Email: g [dot] baucheatsasktel [dot] net
Phone: (306) 540-3595

Yorkton/Melville Deanery 

Dean: Very Rev. Franklin Emereuwa
Box 2130
Canora, SK S0A 0L0
Email: franklinemereuwaatyahoo [dot] com
Phone: (306) 625-7110

Business Office

Financial Officer
Deacon Barry Wood
Phone: (306) 352-1651  Ext. 6720
Fax: (306) 545-0535
Email:  bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Assistant Financial Officer
Jennifer Ochieng, CPA, CA 
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext 6728
Email: jochiengatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Lukose Luka 
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6732
Fax: (306 545-0535
Email: LLukaatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Archdiocesan Giving

Director of Development
James Lipoth
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6726
Email: jlipothatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Donor Services Coordinator
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6733
Email:  mmartinezatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Appeal Assistant
Dina Tremblay
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 1684
annualappealatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


Susan Klein
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6739
Email:  skleinatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Pastoral Services

Diocesan Centre

445 Broad Street N.
Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 2X8
Phone: (306) 352-1651
Fax:  (306) 545-0510

Director of Pastoral Services
Lisa Polk
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6731
Email: lpolkatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Administrative Support - Pastoral Services 
Melissa Gurash 
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6734
Email: mgurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] camgurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca ()


Catechetical Coordinator
Rob Barr
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6737
Email: rbarratarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

Nicholas Jesson
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6736
Email: jessonatecumenism [dot] net

Archdiocesan Theologian

Dr. Brett Salkeld
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6722
Email: bretzkyathotmail [dot] com

Permanent Diaconate Formation Program

Director of Academic Program
Dr. Brett Salkeld
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6722
Email: bretzkyathotmail [dot] com

Director of Formation
Rev. Mr. Barry Wood
Phone: (306) 352-1651  Ext. 6720
Fax: (306) 545-0535
Email:  bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Advisors for Spiritual formation
Rev. Rick Krofchek
Rev. Louis Kim Nguyen


Director of Communications
Deacon Eric Gurash, Director of Communications and Evangelization
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6724
Email: egurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Lay Formation Program

Deacon Eric Gurash, Director of Communications and Evangelization
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6724
Email: egurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca 


Very Rev. Ron Andree
(306) 452-3316 Rectory
Email: rmandreeatgmail [dot] com

Marriage Tribunal

One of the many tasks of the Regina Regional Tribunal is that of the process of leading to a Declaration of Nullity of Marriage. 

Regina Regional Tribunal
449 Broad St. N.
Regina SK S4R 2X8

Judicial Vicar
Reverend Thomas Nguyen 
Phone (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6725

Office and initial intake
Sr. Amelia B. Gorospe
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 
Fax: (306) 352-6307
Email:  rrtribunalataccesscomm [dot] ca

Defender of the Bond
David Smith
Phone: (306) 502-0219

Native Ministry

Native Ministry Circle Liaison
Sister Bernadette Feist, osu
Box 16
Lebret, Saskatchewan S0G 2Y0
Phone: (306) 332-6838
Fax:  (306) 332-4375

Parish Pastoral Support Services 

Sharon Bender
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6738
Email: sbenderatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Leona Burkhart
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6730
Email: lburkhartatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Pastoral Health Care

Appointed Priest Chaplain 

  • Fr. J.B. Okai
    Cell:  (306) 533-9223
    Email: veritatispkoatgmail [dot] com


  • Bonnie Thiele-Hunt- Pasqua Hospital, Regina. Phone: (306) 519-1380
  •  Jerry Fitzgerald - General Hospital, Regina. Phone: (306) 519-1405
  • Joan Rink - Wascana Rehab Centre, Regina. Phone: (306) 530-6511

 Director of Spiritual Care

  •    Susan Askin - Santa Maria (Regina) Phone: (306) 541-8086

Pastoral Care Coordinators

  • Elmview: Linda Lucyk  Phone: (306) 539-6889
  • Parkside (Regina): Linda Lucyk  Phone: (306) 539-6889
  • Sunset (Regina): Linda Lucyk Phone: (306) 539-6889
  • Pioneer Village (Regina):  Bob Newton, Phone: (306) 539-0622
  • Mutchmore Lodge/Hewitt Place (Regina): George Schaan Phone: (306) 586-2478
  • William Booth: St. Peter's Parish, Phone: (306) 545-4411

Resource Centre

Melissa Gurash
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6734
Email: mgurashatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Social Justice

Tashia Toupin
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6740
Email:  ttoupinatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Michelle Braden
Phone: (306) 352-1651 Ext. 6735
Email: oyyamatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca 

Youth Ministry Support
Braden Kuntz
Phone: (306) 652-1651 Ext. 6721
Email: oyyamatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca 

Questions sur les services liturgiques et pastoraux en français
Conseil Pastoral Francophone Interdiocesain de la Saskatchewan (CPFIS)
M. Michael LePage, Président 

St Denis, Sk S0K 3W0
Phone: (306)258-4623

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