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Last updated on July 15, 2016


Greetings in Christ Jesus!

Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers (WCACYM) has been annually sponsoring the Summer Seminars for youth ministers and volunteers in Western Canada since 1991. To date, more than 450 students have studied and benefited from the on-going youth ministry training held each summer. 

Our training seminars have evolved.  We have introduced a system of learning that will provide the following:

1)     Certificate Courses which will lead to the Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies (CCYMS)

2)     Enrichment Courses, which will equip youth ministry leaders with practical ideas and challenge them as well to growth in the Catholic faith. These will be non-certificate courses.

The two streams will run concurrently. Colm Leyne
Summer Seminar Coordinator
Work: (306) 716-5231    
E-Mail: wcacym.summerseminar [at] yahoo.ca CERTIFICATE COURSES (... Read More

Follow our blog as we journey to Poland for World Youth Day! We will update it as frequently as internet access allows us.


Pope Francis on Monday 11/07/2016 at 10:46; named Bishop Bolen currently Bishop of Saskatoon, as Archbishop of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

To read complete letter from Very Rev. James Owolagba click here


Retirements, a resignation and re-aligning of resources while awaiting the appointment of a new Archbishop has resulted in a temporary re-organization for the Regina Archdiocese office staff.

Support staff Diana Demaria will leave at the end of August and will begin university studies to realize “my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher”.  Receptionist Joan Fellinger adds support duties for Archdiocesan Theologian Dr. Brett Salkeld. Support staff Louise Molesky remains in her position and adds support duties for Social Justice, Youth and Pastoral Services ministries.

Teresa Whalen Lux retired June 30 as co-ordinator of the Resource Centre and Sister Rufina Dubao has been hired on a temporary basis to look after the Resource Centre affective July 15. Co-ordinator for the Lay Formation and Evangelization Program, Eric Gurash will help out in the selection of material for the Resource Centre.

The support staff position as well as co-ordinator of the Resource Centre...

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Ten years ago Jacqueline Tisher took some time off from work in neonatal intensive care to help another family who had children with complex medical needs. She hadn’t planned anything more than one year then return to work. She’s now head of Hope’s Home, located in in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert with an $8-million budget that looks after children with complex medical needs.

Hope’s Home is Canada’s first medically integrated day care, according to Kelsey Stewart, Fund Development and Marketing Manager. It moved into the former John Paul II Centre April 1. The organization leases the lower and main floors not including what used to be the chapel. The upper floor remains empty and the Nicor group who purchased the building from the Archdiocese of Regina has them open for lease.

The Prince Albert location has a 90-space day care and a four bed supportive living home. Saskatoon has a five bed supportive living space, will soon add five respite beds but no day care...

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Please find enclosed the English and French versions of a statement by CCCB President the Most Rev. Douglas Crosby, O.M.I., regarding the recent approval of Bill C-14, which legalizes euthanasia and assisted suicide. The official statement is provided in Word and PDF formats, and will be posted on the CCCB website today.

Click here to download English Version

Click here to download French Version

Euthanasia - It Ain't Done Yet

Last updated on June 28, 2016

We haven’t heard the end of the Euthanasia, medically assisted suicide, and whatever other euphemism is employed to describe legal murder, debate.

The House of Commons and the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-14 which makes medically assisted suicide legal, but the bill does not go as far the Supreme Court ruling in the Carter Case. The result is very likely to mean more court challenges to force the federal government, through the Supreme Court, and I’ll say more about that in a moment, to widen the criteria.

The Supreme Court ruling allowing medically assisted suicide was so broad it pretty well provided that anyone could demand anyone involved in the medical profession, usually a doctor, to end their life. Bill C-14 says natural death must be reasonably foreseeable before medical assistance to end one’s life is allowed. That’s more restrictive. The Court also made no exceptions; if medical assistance to end one’s life is requested it either has to be granted or a...

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St. Peter’s Parish is seeking a near-full-time (30 hours/week) Parish Secretary. The Parish Secretary works closely with the Pastor and Pastoral Council providing general clerical and administrative support, and is a welcoming presence for parishioners, visitors and individuals seeking information or services.

The ideal candidate will have general computer skills (Windows/PC) including word processing, email, internet usage and a basic familiarity with Excel; clerical skills such as recordkeeping, handling correspondence and scheduling; strong English communication skills; organizational skills; a positive and service-oriented attitude; willingness to learn; and a sincere desire to serve God in a team environment. The ability to work respectfully and productively in a culturally diverse community is essential. The ideal candidate will have experience in office and/or in customer service environments, and have successfully completed high school or equivalent.

As this...

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Very Rev. Crozon Announces Clergy Changes

Last updated on June 15, 2016

Two priests are returning from visits to their home countries this year and will resume duties in he Regina Archdiocese. Reverend Andrew Pawlowicz returns from Poland and becomes Administrator for the Parishes of Our Lady of Victories, Esterhazy; St. Wenceslaus, Gerald; and St. Michael at Bangor. Reverend Anthony Padayatty HGN returns from India to become Administrator for the Parishes of St. Anne’s, Gull Lake; and St. Joseph, Cabri.

Very Reverend Valentine Amobi moves from Esterhazy to be Administrator for the Parishes of Sacred Heart, Raymore; Our Lady of Lourdes, Govan; St. Patrick’s, Nokomis; St. Mary Hungarian, Quinton; Immaculate Conception, Quinton; Mary Queen of All Hearts, Lestock; and the reserves of Day Star, Gordons, Kawacatoose and Muskowekwan-Kateri Place.

Monsignor Reymundo Asis leaves Southey to become Administrator of Christ the Redeemer, Swift Current. Reverend Francis (Prince) Kurisinkal moves to Southey from Gull Lake to become Administrator for...

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Diocesan Finance Officers Meet in Regina

Last updated on June 21, 2016

REGINA………Saskatoon Bishop Donald Bolen told about 40 diocesan finance officers from across Canada meeting in Regina May 29-June 2 their work is a vital part of serving the Church. Bolen talked about mercy and frequently quoted Pope Francis on the subject but he also pointed out gospel passages of Jesus commenting on money, comments which could be troubling for finance officers.

“Dioceses need financial stability,” said Bolen, “and you provide that,” but we don’t like to talk about it, he said. “Jesus talks a lot about money and it makes us nervous.”  Jesus says not to accumulate, “but we need to accumulate to be successful,” said Bolen. He referred to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in which Christ told the disciples not to worry about clothes food or little else as they went about preaching the Word. “He realized He was sending them out ‘like sheep among the wolves,’,” said the Bishop quoting a chapter from the Gospel of Mathew. Bolen told the finance officers that they need to...

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