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Friar's Briar in Regina

Last updated on March 15, 2018

By Frank Flegel

The 40th anniversary of the Friar’s Brier played March 5-9 in Regina had a couple of special moments: The Gold Medal rink, a combination of members from Saskatchewan and Alberta, skipped by Guy Scholz, scored an eight ender on the last end of the championship game; and Shirley Schmirler, mother of legendary curling Gold Medal Olympian Sandra Schmirler, took part in the opening ceremonies.

“It was really special to have Shirley with us,” said David Martin, Chair of the Friar’s Brier Association. Martin noted there is a special connection between Guy Scholz and the Schmirler family. Scholz wrote Gold on Ice, a book that  detailed the storied career of Sandra Schmirler that led to her rink winning the Gold Medal at the 1998 Nagona Winter Olympics, the first year women’s curling was recognized as an Olympic sport. Martin also noted the eight ender was a first in the 40-year history of the Friar’s Brier.

There was some concern that this year’s...

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Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate

Last updated on March 13, 2018
Event begins on June 29, 2018

Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate

Last updated on May 22, 2018
Event begins on June 15, 2018

World Day of Prayer in Moose Jaw

Last updated on March 19, 2018

By: Rose Mary Hartney

World Day of Prayer 2018 was hosted by Church of Our Lady following the program, “All God’s Creation is Very Good”, prepared by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Suriname.

The seven women of Suriname were portrayed by women representing various Moose Jaw congregations. The children’s choir from St. Mary’s School, assisted by members of The COOL Saturday Choir provided the music.  The reflection/meditation for the service was in the form of a dramatization written and presented by Michele Yeager and Debbie Burgher. Following the drama, people were invited to write words of individual commitment to protect God’s creation.

Fr. Jake Ibay and Rev. Linda Tomlinson-Seebach, Minto United Church read the Scriptures.

A reception followed the prayer service and featured the colours of the Suriname flag as depicted with tablecloths. The replica endangered turtles and flowers highlighted the tables....

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Nash 38th Annual Lecture

Last updated on March 2, 2018


FEBRUARY 28, 2018

By Frank Flegel


“There is a contradiction in our relationship with modern technology,” Dr. Greg Kennedy S.J. claimed as he opened his delivery at the 38th annual Campion College Nash Lecture to a full Riffel Auditorium on February 28. “We have an attachment, an intimate connection to technology; but we know nothing about it.” He was speaking primarily about a cel phone; “We don’t know how it’s made, or how it works.”

The lecture was titled Attached and Indifferent: Technological living on a lonely planet. Dr. Kennedy’s youthful appearance and jocular manner belied the his 15 years as a Jesuit and the time involved in amassing university degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Divinity.

He began the lecture by asking the audience to hold up their cell phones and describe in a word or...

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By Pamela Walsh

In December presentations in the Archdiocese of Regina were given to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) and the Council of Priests (C of P) regarding an annual liturgy on clergy sexual abuse. The aim and focus was on education, and to move from a single parish service to having a service in each deanery. Engaging the APC and C of P in dialogue, the hope was to move the service throughout the diocese and into the hands of the deaneries, as a way of reaching out to not only victims, but to all people, allowing for victims to be heard and the scope of that conversation to widen on this very painful topic.

Each presentation was tailored to the participation that each council would be asked to provide. The C of P deans were asked to work with APC members to present a prayer service or Way of the Cross service in each Deanery, as well as having one service in French. Archbishop Bolen started off the presentations...

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Buildings and Land for Sale in the Regina Warehouse District

Located on 1925 7th Ave and 1301 Hamilton St. in Regina’s up and coming Old Warehouse District this vintage two storey brownstone building and two warehouses are a unique opportunity for those with an eye to finding a “fixer-upper.”

The building is located in a trendy developing district that is the home to Regina’s lively entertainment scene and more than 550 businesses. The original building has a strong structure with poured concrete floors and posts and is one of the many old warehouses built in the 1920’s  some of which have been converted to retail, restaurant, nightclub and residential condominiums.  

With a total of 16,800 sq ft on all three levels, (this includes the basement of 5,600 sq ft ), plus one heated warehouse addition of 2,555 sq ft, and a second unheated warehouse addition of 3,000 sq ft, and zoning which permits a wide variety of industrial, warehouse and commercial uses. you are...

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Rite of Election

Last updated on March 6, 2018

FEBRUARY 18, 2018

By Frank Flegel

They were each called by name, all 68 catechumens, as they participated in the Rite of Election on the pathway to the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist into the Roman Catholic faith. It was the largest group of catechumens that anyone could remember. 

“I don’t know why,” said Marian Grady, a member of the Regina Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission, “Some wanted to stay in Catholic schools, for others it was family related, and for some it was because they married into a Catholic family,” said Grady.  “There are about 15 children, and some of those are from elementary and Catholic high schools, but the rest are all adults. It’s really quite amazing.”  

Kahla Rieger, a Grade 10 student at Miller Catholic High School, explained her decision by saying, “I like the environment in my school and they encouraged me to go to a Catholic church.” Angela...

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What it’s Like to be a Guardian of a Relic

Last updated on February 20, 2018

By D’Arcy Murphy


At least once a day for the past month, I’ve carefully opened the case that holds the forearm of a holy man who died 465 years ago. I unlocked the small padlock, lifted the cover and slipped on my white gloves, often in the company of local church members and a media camera or two. This was a daily routine, but it was never ordinary. Each and every time, as I removed the foam blocks and pulled out the reliquary encased in plexiglass, I felt exhilarated. At these very moments, I introduced St. Francis Xavier to a greater number of fellow Canadians. In a very real—but surreal—way, I helped him continue his missionary work. 

Much has been made of my title, Guardian of the Relic. Yes, I sat beside the relic on more than a dozen Air Canada flights and in too many rental minivans to count. I’ve polished the case so often that I’ve memorized the contours of the relic. But the visuals etched in my mind are not solely those of the relic; they’re the...

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To read a message from 10 Saskatchewan bishops regarding the Stanley - Bouchie trial click the link below...

A Message from the Anglican, Catholic and Lutheran Bishops of Saskatchewan