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March for Life Crowd Grows

Last updated on May 15, 2013

The annual March for Life in Regina was a little different this year and it did seem to have a few more people. It was held May 9, along with other major cities across the country. In Regina, instead of marching from Christ the King Parish down Hill Avenue to Albert Street then to the Legislature, it was held in front of the Legislative Building. The usual speeches were delivered; stop funding abortions, abortion kills babies, talk to your MLA and one speaker carried a sign that said she regrets having an abortion. She didn’t go into detail about the circumstances but let the sign she carried do the talking.

I would guess there were a couple of hundred who initially gathered at the Legislative Building but by the time they moved down Albert Street to Victoria Avenue and back it had grown to perhaps the 300 or so that the pro life people estimated were there. I did notice a few more young people and more Christian denominations were present, more on that in a moment. I...

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What's Next!

Last updated on May 6, 2013

House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer is the youngest Speaker ever elected to that position. He is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Regina Qu’Appelle but as Speaker is to show no favourites in any of his rulings. Most saw him as a nice guy who will try and keep some order in the House but not be too tough on MPs, especially those of his own party. Well, did he surprise a lot of people especially Members of the House when he said he would not be bound by lists of scheduled speakers given him by party whips. And any member who wants to say something only has to stand to get the Speaker’s attention. He/she may not be recognized but at least the Member has that opportunity.

 This all started when Conservative member Mark Warawa wanted to move a motion decrying the practice of aborting female foetuses. The government whip said no way and pulled his name off the list of MPs given Scheer. Warawa complained that his right to speak in parliament was a breach of his...

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This should lift your spirits a bit

Last updated on April 22, 2013

Last week was full of stories of bombings, bullying, suicide deaths, a fertilizer plant destroying almost an entire community and many other stories that might lead one to believe the world has gone mad. And on top of all that we’re a month into Spring but you’d never know that by looking out the window to see the snow pack still on the yards and fields. Some farmers are getting anxious about seeding especially in the Southwest where they usually start seeding in the last week of April and summer sports are going to have a short season. All of which could be really depressing, but I’ll tell you about a couple of events I attended which should lift your spirits a bit.

Gordon Elhard of Calgary was this year’s speaker at the 42nd annual prayer breakfast April 17 and the next day, Thursday, April 18, The Tenors backed by a 200 voice chorus performed at O’Neil High School, both events uplifting and inspiring.

Elhard described the power of prayer and how his faith led him...

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"and He descended into hell"

Last updated on April 14, 2013

There was an interesting discussion the other day about changes to the Apostle’s Creed and specifically the words “and He descended into Hell.” The occasion was a meeting of the Year of Faith Committee at the Chancery Office. It seems there are people out there complaining about those words and arguing that Jesus would not go to hell after his Crucifixion. The discussion was triggered when some committee members said they had been getting some questions from upset people about why it was necessary to change the words from the reference to the dead.

It was pointed out that the Descent into Hell if not the original words certainly have been in use for many years. I grew up with the Apostles Creed and the reference to Hell so it’s no big deal to me. The removal of the word Hell came about following Vatican II. Anyway, how to answer the folks that are complaining?

Archbishop Daniel Bohan who chaired the meeting and several others said that Hell is a place where there is...

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The Cross in Downtown Regina

Last updated on April 8, 2013

The Good Friday Stations of the Cross walk through downtown Regina was well attended again despite the lousy weather. That’s two years in a row the weather didn’t cooperate. 2012 was cold and raining which almost miraculously stopped just before the walk started and began again when it finished. This year, it was again cold, or cold for this time of year and it rained a little after the procession picked up the Cross waiting at the SGI building on 11th avenue.

I took a few shots at the beginning and when the procession moved through the streets then waited for them to arrive at the SGI building. While waiting there a single individual and a couple approached and asked about the Cross leaning against the wall in front of the building. Neither had any idea the purpose of the Cross, nor did they appear to have any inkling of what Good Friday is all about. Neither appeared to be foreign born so their lack of knowledge was a little surprising.

I suppose I shouldn’t be...

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Holy Week is a Busy Time

Last updated on April 1, 2013

Holy week is one of the busier times for clergy and the faithful as well as a time for Catholic schools to show case some of what they have been taught about the Easter season. I attended three performances and was impressed with what the children showed.

I started the week on Monday the 25th at St. Catherine’s where grade five and six students put on a Seder meal to commemorate Christ’s Last Supper and the beginning of Passover. Passover is what Jesus was actually celebrating what we call the Last Supper. Jewish communities still commemorate Passover (Pesach) which takes its name from the evening when the Angel of Death killed the first born son in every Egyptian household but passed over each Jewish household on which the blood of a sacrificed lamb had been smeared on the door jamb. It was the last of the 10 plagues God visited upon Egypt when he refused to release the Jews from their slavery. That’s another story for another time.

We all sat around round tables in...

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A Profound Experience

Last updated on March 23, 2013

Father Stephen Bill’s mass for Miller and Leboldus High Schools students held March 22 at Resurrection was one of the more meaningful I’ve attended in recent years. I mean, they’re all meaningful but this one was a little different. The difference occurred prior to and at the Transubstantiation. Just before he spoke the words that would transform the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ he departed from the script and told the students what is about to happen; that the bread and wine will in fact be transformed into the real presence of Christ on the Altar. He then picked up the host held it in front of him and said the words, ‘this is My Body,’. He put the host on the altar, paused again and said, “this is no longer bread, it is the true body of Christ, let us all give a profound bow in respect,” then bowed. I took a peek to see how many of the students bowed and was surprised that they all did, to varying degrees, mind you but they all did bow. Father Bill then did...

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Well, that didn’t take long did it?

Last updated on March 19, 2013

He was hardly wearing the white robes when the nay sayers in Argentina had something critical to say about him. They complained he didn’t do enough or speak out enough when the military took over that country and began a campaign of eliminating anyone who spoke against them. It was called the time of the disappearing, when thousands were arrested and simply disappeared.

Pope Francis was head of the Jesuit order in Argentina at that time and, according to statements following his election and statements from some who knew him at the time, he actually hid people on church property and tried to protect them from the military. There is also an accusation he didn’t try to save a couple of priests who were working in the slums among the poor and were eventually arrested. Of course the Vatican denied the accusations.

In any case, it seems regardless of who is elected Pope there are some who will find something in the new pope’s background to criticize. Pope Benedict it was...

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The Whatcott Decision

Last updated on March 11, 2013

Bill Whatcott, if nothing else is certainly faithful to his beliefs and it may cost him money and possibly even his freedom. He told me after the Supreme Court decision that found two of his pamphlets contravened the Human Rights Code that he had no intention of paying anyone anything and that includes the Supreme Court who included in the judgement that he pay court costs. “I may be broke and in jail by the time this is over,” he told me. His actions almost immediately after the Supreme Court ruling was to get out his graphic posters and pamphlets, show up at the University of Regina and hand them out to anyone. At least one supporter joined him but many more gave him a hard time. Then he went to the U of S and did the same thing and of course neither university was glad to see him but neither did they take any action against him. Then on to Alberta, the University of Calgary and SAIT. Haven’t heard what happened there.

This is just the latest in a series of attacks against...

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The Pope's Resignation

Last updated on February 22, 2013

What to make of Pope Benedict’s “surprise” resignation, the first by a Pontiff in about 600 years? I saw him October 21 when St. Kateri was Canonized and there’s no doubt that what I saw was a frail man who required assistance from two people whenever he departed/returned to his throne behind the altar set in St. Peter’s Square for the canonization ceremony. His voice booming over the PA system however seemed strong. Our Archbishop, Daniel Bohan personally met the pope before the ceremony, said age was taking its physical toll but his mind seemed sharp.

He was alone only in his popemobile which travelled a short circuit around the square before returning inside. He stood in the vehicle clinging to a handrail with one hand while waving and blessing the throng with his other.

It has been said that not even his closest advisors were aware of his intention and were as surprised as everyone else. Since the resignation however, it seems some of his advisors new of his...

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