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Arpee Urquico's road to the Priesthood

Last updated on July 20, 2017


By Frank Flegel

“It was my childhood dream to be a priest,” said Reverend Arpee Sacramento Urquico in an interview several days after his June 30 ordination to the priesthood, but his dream took a convoluted route to his goal including a couple of short interruptions.

Arpee was born in a community about two hours south of Manila, in the Philippines. In 1991 Mount Pinatubo exploded and buried his village in ash and mud. The villagers were evacuated to another village near Manila, and this is where Arpee grew up and completed his elementary and high school education.

His mom attended daily mass and took him and his two older brothers with her. His dad worked as a mechanic in Saudi Arabia. He became involved in his parish as a youth and met seminarians who came to his church for their internship. “I liked them and thought, I want to be like them.” It was in his high school years when the idea of becoming a priest...

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Celebrating Canada Day

Last updated on July 18, 2017
Watch the Mass Celebrating Canada Day at Blessed Sacrament Parish:



Archdiocesan 1st Annual Meeting

Last updated on July 11, 2017

By Frank Flegel

For the first time in recent history the Regina Archdiocese has produced an Annual Report that was made public at a first-ever Annual Meeting, held at the Regina Archdiocese office.  

“We are doing two new things here,” said Archbishop Donald Bolen. “First of all, we’ve produced a good report, not a comprehensive view of where we are as an archdiocese, but an honest overview. Reports have been produced in the past but they haven’t been made public and, secondly, having an annual meeting is a new initiative and it was good.  A number of people came out and I think as we face some current challenges, next year at the annual meeting, more people will come out. I think it’s a good start.”

About a dozen people plus staff were in attendance. One of the attendees questioned how the meeting was advertised, suggesting more would have attended had they known about it. The notice was on the web site and more avenues and communication vehicles will be used...

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Arpee Urquico's Ordination

Last updated on July 12, 2017

By Frank Flegel

There were few empty spaces in Holy Rosary Cathedral  Friday evening June 30 as the archdiocesan faithful turned out to witness and support the ordination to the priesthood of Arpee Sacramento Urquico.

His journey to the priesthood began in Philippines where he entered a Dominican Seminary. His cousin, Father Gerard Joy Montiague, living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, convinced him to come to Canada. He recommended Arpee to the late Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan who asked Director of Personnel Reverend Danilo Rafael to meet with Arpee during a planned visit to Manila. “I thought he was a good man so Archbishop Bohan asked me to begin the process of getting him the necessary papers to come to Canada,” said Father Rafael.

Arpee arrived in Canada in June, 2013, and entered St. Joseph’s Seminary in Edmonton to continue his priestly studies.  He spent a year of internship at St. George’s Parish, Assiniboia, and was ordained to the transitional...

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Annual Report 2016

Last updated on June 27, 2017

Click on the link below to read our Annual Report for 2016.

Annual Report 2016

13 Tuesday Devotions

Last updated on June 28, 2017

Finale 13 Report

On Tuesday, June 13th, St. Anthony’s Parish in Regina celebrated, with praise and thanksgiving, their final Tuesday in the 85th consecutive Year of the 13 Tuesdays Devotion to their Patron Saint, which happened to fall on St. Anthony’s Feast Day. It was the last Tuesday of a spiritual journey, in which they gathered to pray, to give thanks and ask for the intercession of their powerful patron, St. Anthony, who never fails, even in desperate situations.

The evening liturgy, celebrated by Fr. Stanislaw Poszwa, S.Chr.,  and Fr. Marian Ogórek, S.Chr., consisted of three important parts:

1. Holy Eucharist

2. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

3. Veneration of the relics of St. Anthony

The Mass was offered for the intentions of all devotees of...

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Catholic Education Week May 21 - 27, 2017

Last updated on May 24, 2017

Catholic Education Week

When asked, students have much to say about what Catholic Education means to them. Jesus, prayers, welcoming, patience, God, love. As we mark Catholic Education Week May 21-27, we thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Catholic Education is a gift for which we thank God every day. Regina Catholic Schools


Clergy Appointments

Last updated on June 22, 2017

By Frank Flegel

A retirement, several international priests retuning to their home country, and a more active retired archbishop, are some of the changes in the clergy appointments for the Regina Archdiocese announced by Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen. 

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber, who has been living in Regina since his retirement as archbishop of Winnipeg, has agreed to become Priest Moderator at Regina’s French Church, St. Jean Baptiste. “I look at this as a kind of payback,” said the retired archbishop speaking with the Prairie Messenger. ”Archbishop Michael O’Neil sent me to Ottawa in 1956 to the seminary so I could learn French and French has been such a gift in my life and now I get to serve the French parish for a year.” He will serve as Priest Moderator responsible for Sacramental Ministry, i.e. say masses, administer baptism, hear confessions, etc.

Parish Life Coordinator for St. Jean Baptiste, Francine Audy, will continue to look...

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Letter From Regina Catholic Schools

Last updated on April 25, 2017

A letter in response to the recent Catholic School Funding Decision from Domenic Scuglia, Director of Ecucation Regina Catholic Schools.

Sacred Heart School Closing Assembly

Last updated on April 11, 2017

Sacred Heart School Closing Assembly Attracts Former Students, Teachers and Friends

March 31, 2017

 The halls of Sacred Heart Community School in Regina’s North Central neighborhood reverberated more loudly than usual March 31st as former students, teachers, neighbors and friends gathered for what was the final school assembly.  “Oh! It was great,” said former student now Catholic School Trustee Richard Dittrick as he wandered down the halls and poked into classrooms that brought back many memories of his Grades 1-4 years he spent at the school. “There was a lot of nostalgia for sure” as he recalled former classmates and teachers.

Students prepared memorabilia from their classrooms which were encased in a Time capsule to be opened at some point in the future. They showed what school life was like in 2016.   The school will empty April 24 as students, teachers and staff pack up and move a few steps west to a brand new state-of-the-art school.   ...

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