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Federal Cabinet Swearing In

Last updated on November 13, 2015

The swearing in of the new federal cabinet had more evidence that Canada is, more and more, turning into a secular society.

I didn’t watch the entire ceremony and I did notice of the group who took the oath/promise of office most did say So Help Me God at the end of the oath but a significant number made no such declaration. Instead they used words, swear and promise. I understand those are acceptable in today’s society but to me and I’m sure many others, those words do not convey the same obligation as So Help Me God and it’s further evidence that our country is in transition to dismiss a reliance on God or for that matter on a single deity, well, except perhaps for Allah.

The non-Christians in the cabinet, and there were a few of them noted mostly by the turbans, one would not expect them to ask God’s help in performing their duties, but neither did they, publically at least, ask for help from their own deity/deities.

Thankfully, most if not all the senior...

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Campion Alumni Distinction Awards

Last updated on November 12, 2015

A teacher of liturgical music in Saskatoon and a Weyburn optometrist are this year’s recipients of Campion College’s Alumni of Distinction Awards.

Dr. Joan Halmo has a list of music degrees to her credit obtained at Trinity College of Music in London, England, Campion College University of Regina, St. John’s University, Collegeville Minnesota and The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. She is an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan, has taught courses at St. Paul’s University, Ottawa and Neuman Theological College, Edmonton. In addition she has authored several books and articles on music history and liturgical music.

Dr. Robert Labbie obtained a Bachelor of Science, Biology, through Campion College, University of Regina and his Doctor of Optometry with honours from the University of Missouri-St. Louis

Halmo said she cherished her time at Campion College. “It will always be with me,” she told awards dinner guests November 4 at the Hotel...

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The Most Reverend Douglas Crosby, O.M.I., Bishop of Hamilton and President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), has written a congratulatory letter to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau on the day he is being sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada, November 4, 2015. In his letter, Bishop Crosby assures the Prime Minister of the prayers of the Catholic Bishops of the country and their "hope to collaborate with you and all the members of your Cabinet on issues of importance for the common good of the citizens of our country and of the international community." Among the issues of common concern, the President of the CCCB refers to climate change; the Calls to Action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; the refugees crisis; the conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, as well as Ukraine; and the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

Link to the letter (PDF)

New Knights of Columbus Film on Our Lady of Guadalupe to Air on ABC Affiliates

Through a special partnership with ABC Television Network in the USA and as part of ABC’s Vision and Values Series, Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation is pleased to announce that a new Knights of Columbus produced documentary Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message will begin airing on ABC affiliates beginning in October and running until December 10, 2015.
Narrated by actor Jim Caviezel, Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message paints a comprehensive and inspiring picture of the history, facts, legacy and continued relevance of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout the western hemisphere and beyond.
Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message brings this remarkable history to life through modern re-enactments, 3D animations of the mysterious image which allow viewers an unprecedented glimpse into the intricacies of the centuries-old wonder and interviews with leading theologians,...

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Paula Scott, Lloydminster Catholic School Board and Vicky Bonnell, Regina Catholic School Board, were elected President and Vice President respectively at the 64th Annual, General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association held October 24-26 in Swift Current. Scott moves up from Vice President and Bonnell moves up from the board. Both positions are for a two year term.

Dr. Sister Teresita Kambeitz OSU received the Julian PaslawskiMeritorious Award and Del Wagner received the Appreciation Award (see separate story); Past President Tom Fortosky was awarded a lifetime membership and retiring president George Bolduc was given the traditional gavel.

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber, Holy Trinity School Division’s Coordinator for Religious Education Bernadette Cey and Reverend David Tumback, Pastor of Saskatoon’s Cathedral of the Holy Family all spoke about the importance of Catholic education.

Weisgerber, using Laudato Si and “...

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Dr. Sister Teresita Kambeitz OSU Prelate, began her involvement in Catholic education 56 years ago with her first teaching job in Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan where she stayed for three years. 1959-1989 she moved to Saskatoon, taught grade levels 8-12, became a principal but spent most of her time at Holy Cross High School teaching Christian Ethics. She obtained her Arts and Education Degrees, a Master of Education Degree in 1986 and two years later her Doctorate from the Ontario Institute for Studies in education.

She accepted the position of Director and taught in the Religion Education Degree Program at Neuman Theological Program, Edmonton and most recently led the establishment of a NeumanTheological College Master of Education Degree Program in Saskatoon.  She continues her contributions to Catholic education as a sessional faculty member of Neuman Theological College, Edmonton and St. Thomas Moore College, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. She was instrumental in...

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Lest We Forget!

Last updated on November 10, 2015

On November 11th, pray for the sacrifices made by our soldiers past and present. 

To view photos of  Saskatchewan Cenotaphs, click here: https://www.cdli.ca/monuments/sk.htm 


Last updated on November 3, 2015

I have attended in the last month two events of historical significance; the unveiling of the Sisters Legacy Monument and the 150th anniversary of Sacred Heart Parish in Lebret. We look back on these events and think about the accomplishments they represent in ONLY 150 years and it made me think about Time.

Think about it. 150years! To many of us it seems a long time ago but when you consider Damascus, the longest continuously populated city in the world, has existed for thousands of years, 150 years? Pfft, an eye blink in time, but what has happened in those 150 years in Saskatchewan. To do this lets go back to 1865 and see what it was like.

This was Assiniboia Territory, Saskatchewan was 40 years away. Treaty Four hadn’t been signed and some of the First Nations bands still lived in their traditional ways; the Indian Act which established Indian Residential Schools hadn’t yet been passed or even thought of because Canada did not become a nation “from coast to coast...

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Lebret Sacred Heart Parish Celebrates 150 Years

Last updated on October 28, 2015

Sacred Heart Church is a much photographed icon in the QuAppelle Valley sitting prominently in the village of Lebret on Mission Lake. Established in 1869 by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) it had a pivotal role in southern Saskatchewan’s history and that 150 years of service was celebrated the weekend of October 16-18 with visitors from across Canada and a few from the U.S. 

The celebration included social gatherings, a pancake breakfast, a Latin mass celebrated by Father Louis Abello Saturday afternoon and Sunday mass celebrated by Archbishop Daniel Bohan with Winnipeg Emeritus Archbishop James Weisgerberand several priests followed by a banquet in the church hall. One hundred and fifty red and white balloons were released after the Sunday mass and floated off in a gentle breeze into a clear blue sky.

The Qu’Appelle Valley was long a gathering place for plains First Nations people and it was to them the first OMI missionaries brought the Word of God. They also...

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Catholicism and Traditional Indigenous Spirituality – A Reflection on Commonalities

The National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples has been celebrated on December 12 since 2002. The following reflection by the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council identifies areas of commonality found in Traditional Aboriginal spirituality and the Catholic faith, seeking to point out bridges for mutual understanding. These will hopefully lead to a deeper respect and appreciation among all Catholics toward traditional Indigenous spirituality, and at the same time show how Aboriginal Catholics see a relationship between their Catholic faith and their cultural and personal identity.

The belief in a benevolent Creator, a natural world that is good, the need to answer the call to live a life of virtue, and the importance of communication with the Creator are some of the elements that Catholic and Indigenous spiritualties have in common.

There is a similarity in...

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