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Very Rev. Crozon Announces Clergy Changes

Last updated on June 15, 2016

Two priests are returning from visits to their home countries this year and will resume duties in he Regina Archdiocese. Reverend Andrew Pawlowicz returns from Poland and becomes Administrator for the Parishes of Our Lady of Victories, Esterhazy; St. Wenceslaus, Gerald; and St. Michael at Bangor. Reverend Anthony Padayatty HGN returns from India to become Administrator for the Parishes of St. Anne’s, Gull Lake; and St. Joseph, Cabri.

Very Reverend Valentine Amobi moves from Esterhazy to be Administrator for the Parishes of Sacred Heart, Raymore; Our Lady of Lourdes, Govan; St. Patrick’s, Nokomis; St. Mary Hungarian, Quinton; Immaculate Conception, Quinton; Mary Queen of All Hearts, Lestock; and the reserves of Day Star, Gordons, Kawacatoose and Muskowekwan-Kateri Place.

Monsignor Reymundo Asis leaves Southey to become Administrator of Christ the Redeemer, Swift Current. Reverend Francis (Prince) Kurisinkal moves to Southey from Gull Lake to become Administrator for...

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Diocesan Finance Officers Meet in Regina

Last updated on June 21, 2016

REGINA………Saskatoon Bishop Donald Bolen told about 40 diocesan finance officers from across Canada meeting in Regina May 29-June 2 their work is a vital part of serving the Church. Bolen talked about mercy and frequently quoted Pope Francis on the subject but he also pointed out gospel passages of Jesus commenting on money, comments which could be troubling for finance officers.

“Dioceses need financial stability,” said Bolen, “and you provide that,” but we don’t like to talk about it, he said. “Jesus talks a lot about money and it makes us nervous.”  Jesus says not to accumulate, “but we need to accumulate to be successful,” said Bolen. He referred to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in which Christ told the disciples not to worry about clothes food or little else as they went about preaching the Word. “He realized He was sending them out ‘like sheep among the wolves,’,” said the Bishop quoting a chapter from the Gospel of Mathew. Bolen told the finance officers that they need to...

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Prayer in the Legislature

Last updated on May 24, 2016

The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly opened as normal on May 17 with the opening prayer which has garnered some recent criticism. Here’s what the controversy, or what passes as controversy, is all about.

Present us O Lord in all our doings, with Thy Most gracious favour; and further us with Thy continual help, that in all our works, begun, continued and ended in Thee, we may glorify Thy Holy Name, and finally by Thy Mercy, attain everlasting life.


This all came about because of a Supreme Court ruling against Saguenay Municipal Council that ordered council as a civic elected body cannot say a prayer to open meetings. The Mayor Jean Tremblay, had argued that the prayer recognizes the area’s Catholic heritage. The Court said it infringes on the freedom of conscience and religion and a civic body must remain neutral in a secular society.

Various organizations across the country and most pundits chimed in, most favoured the ruling, but


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Help Ft. McMurray Evacuees

Last updated on May 17, 2016

The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation is receiving donations from individuals, Councils and Parishes to assist victims of the devastating fires in Fort McMurray. These donations can be either sent to the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation or you can make the donation through our website at www.saskkofcfoundation.com.

All donors will be receiving a tax receipt for the amount of their donation from either the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation or directly from Canada Helps. All donations will be credited through to the Councils with respect to achieving the $7.00/member target.

At this point, the Federal Government has only agreed to match funds received by individuals through the Red Cross. We have been assured by the Red Cross that they will accept the donations we have raised and forward them to the government for matching. Only personal donations will qualify and we must have the list of donors to them before their donation deadline of May 30th, 2016. Once we provide...

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Catholic Family Services has a new location in Regina, the fifth time it has moved since its founding in 1936. The facilities offered in the new location and the space it provides may just be the final move for many years.

The address is 160 McIntosh street a residential area in North West Regina in a building that sits by itself surrounded by grass and open space. A Shell Service station sits on the corner and across from it is Holy Trinity Church.

The building is U shaped with one side holding CFSS offices and the other containing Roots and Wings Child Care Centre is a first for CFSS. “We felt a child care centre was something we lacked,” said Executive director David sax speaking with people at the May 4 official opening. It had 12 children on opening day and Sax expects it to grow to 30 b y the end of the year and ultimately to 50.

It was built in 1966 as a reception centre for children coming into care. It morphed into a home for troubled teens but has...

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LUMSDEN……..Reverend James Mallon said today’s priests never trained to be leaders and yet it is one of the essential paths of the Church. Mallon was the retreat master for the Regina Archdiocese clergy annual retreat held June 4-7 at St. Michael’s Retreat. 

Salt and Light describes Mallon as one of Canada’s finest young priests. He has produced two internationally acclaimed DVD series Catholicism 201 and Dogmatic theology as well as Divine Renovations, a guide for parishes seeking to cultivate communities of discipleship and vibrant and dynamic faith communities. Mallon is pastor of St. Benedict Parish in the Halifax-Yarmouth Archdiocese.

“Many of us are operating out of a model of priestly minister of 50 years ago when the priest did everything, was a chaplain to everybody, buy every bed and be involved in everything.” In an interview with the PM he said priests have to move more toward models of ministry that is not essential to the priesthood and equip lay people...

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12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care

Last updated on April 29, 2016

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, with over 83,000 members across Canada, encourages all people of faith to join nationwide in 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care on May 4, 2016. This day is designed to take place during the National Hospice Palliative Care Week (organized by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association) as a profound witness to the sanctity of human life. 

There is a pressing need for all Canadians to have  greater accessibility to palliative care. It has become an urgent priority in the face of the impending legislation for euthanasia/assisted suicide in Canada. This end-of-life care is true compassion. It allows individuals who are facing death not to be burdened by pain and suffering but to receive the necessary support that respects their human dignity both physically and spiritually rather than choosing physician-assisted death as a desperate last resort. 

Pope Francis emphasizes the need for prayer, mercy, reconciliation and...

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REGINA……Just one resolution was presented at this year’s annual Regina Archdiocese CWL convention held April 17,18 at Holy Child Parish calling for a standard for print on over the counter medication containers. Carol Deters, Chair of the CWL’s Standing Committee on Education and Health introduced the resolution. “People have trouble reading the ingredients because the print is so small.” As well, she said, sometimes it is placed in a location that makes it harder to read. The resolution will eventually make its way to the national convention. Deters also suggested in her report that medical schools have to be taught about palliative care.

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber delivered three talks on the Year of Mercy, proclaimed by Pope Francis. He also spoke about the Pope’s latest writing Amore Laetitia, the Joy of Love as “a wonderfully positive message.” Jesus is the mercy of God", said Weisgerber, “he shows us how to be human,” and he described how Jesus was...

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Pope Francis' Recent Pronouncements

Last updated on April 20, 2016

Pope Francis recent pronouncements on contraception, marriage and the family has rattled the more conservative folks in our Roman Catholic Church. He hasn’t changed doctrine but he seems to have stretched the envelope quite a bit.

Take for example his comment that “contraception is the least evil” when referring to the Zika virus infecting South American countries and now making its way into the southern U.S. The mosquito borne virus appears to infect children in the womb and they are born with a small head which affects their cognitive ability. At least that’s what seems to be coming out of the studies so far. In truth, the evidence is anecdotal but the medical community is pretty sure it’s Zika that’s the cause. So, does the Pope’s comment mean that it’s OK for people living in those countries to use contraceptives when having sex? The Church says contraceptives are a no, no, but the Pope says it’s the lesser evil when facing the risk of contracting the Zika virus. Or is...

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Regina Catholic's New Director of Education

Last updated on April 19, 2016
The Regina Catholic School Division Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that it has hired a new Director of Education. Domenic Scuglia has been selected to be the new Director of Education, commencing the 2016-2017 school year. Mr. Scuglia will succeed Rob Currie who will be retiring at the end of this school year Board chair Frank Flegel says, “The Board of Trustees thanks Rob Currie for his faithful commitment to our staff and students. We wish him many blessings for his retirement. After an extensive search for a new director, we are happy to welcome Domenic Scuglia to the Regina Catholic School Division, and look forward to his leadership and guidance as we face unprecedented growth.” Mr. Scuglia hails from Aurora, Ontario, where he is the founding Principal of St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic High School. His dedication to the York Catholic District School Board heralds leadership and innovation, with an extensive background in physical education, Violence Threat Risk... Read More