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A Pledge to Vote challenge between Campion and Luther University of Regina Federated Colleges appears to have been a success. 

The challenge between the two faith based colleges was issued September 29 by the two College Presidents, Dr. John Meehan S.J. of Campion and Dr. Bryan Hillis of Luther. The winner would receive a pizza party paid for by the loser. 

The voting was close with Campion counting 83 students who voted and Luther 81. The numbers claiming University of Regina affiliation was 107 for a combined total of 270.However, when the student population in each college was takeninto consideration Luther had 16.9 % of its student body cast a vote and Campion had 13% so Luther was declared the winner. A pizza party was held in the Luther student lounge October 20 but in the spirit of co-operation, Hillis said Luther would split the cost of the pizza with Campion. The challenge included a stipulation that the losing college president would be required to wear the...

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The Most Reverend Douglas Crosby, O.M.I., Bishop of Hamilton and President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), has sent a submission this past October 19 to the Expert Panel on Options for a Legislative Response to Carter v. Canada. The submission includes references to Church teaching with pertinent citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, together with excerpts from the CCCB Plenary Assembly's statement on assisted suicide released on September 18, 2015, supplemented with further comments on the urgency and importance of palliative care. The submission is structured according to the following five points: the common good; assisted suicide; palliative care; protecting the vulnerable; and freedom of conscience and religion.

Link to the CCCB submission (PDF)
Link to the Plenary Assembly's statement of September 18, 2015

Indeed it was a special celebration on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 11 at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in Rama. It isn't too often that three Oblate priests celebrate The Holy Eucharist in unison at one location on a Thanksgiving Sunday. However, such was the case in Rama when Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI, who was the main celebrant and pastor of Holy Rosary Parish in Edmonton, celebrated Mass for Jubilants, Leonard and Vivian Pasloski as they marked their 60th Anniversary of Marriage as requested by their family. Fr. Marcin Mironiuk OMI, pastor of St. Anthony's, celebrated the Mass for Fr. Andrew Sowa OMI marking his 25th Year of Priestly Ordination as requested by St. Anthony's Parish; while Fr. Mitch Burdzy OMI, pastor of St. Henry's Parish in Melville, celebrated Mass for the late Joseph Nieckar  as requested by the family. 

Fr. Andrew Sowa after having given the jubilants, Leonard and Vivian  a special blessing presented them with an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis...

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Students at both Campion College and Luther College rallied behind their College presidents in the Pledge to Vote challenge, which was first announced at the end of September. A total of 270 students on the university campus made a pledge to vote in the 2015 federal election on October 19. Of those, 83 indicated an affiliation with Campion College, and 81 indicated and affiliation with Luther College. The overall results were tabulated based on the proportion of students at each College, giving Luther College the lead in the challenge at 16.9% of its student population, with Campion following at 13.0% of its student population pledging to vote.


“The numbers were very close throughout the challenge. We congratulate Luther College on their strong performance in the last week, but are even more encouraged by the overall student engagement in the pre-election activities on campus. The purpose was to encourage participation and I feel that the Pledge to Vote challenge...

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Annual Clergy Assembly

Last updated on October 21, 2015

Priests need to work smarter, not just harder, in the face of declining numbers. That was the message Reverend Ronald Knott of the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky (home of KFC, Bourbon and Muhammad Ali he quickly added) brought as guest presenter at the annual Clergy Assembly held October 5-8 at the Heritage Inn here. This year’s theme was The Powerful Spiritual Leadership of a Unified Presbyterate.

He spoke to priests several times over the four days emphasizing teamwork. “It was really about us working together with the bishop as a team for the purpose of delivering high quality, coherent ministry to the people,” said Knott in an interview with the PM. “Think we instead of me and look at the diocese as a whole through the eyes of the bishop otherwise we tend to look at just our little kingdom, our little world without looking at the big picture.”  Instead of being insular, priests should make the effort to get to know each other, especially the international priests;...

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Archdiocese Office Welcomes New Staff

Last updated on October 23, 2015

Each of five new Regina Archdiocese staff members said their decision to join the Archdiocese was influenced in some way by their faith and a call from God to serve.

Braden Kuntz is working with Michelle Braden in youth ministry; Jeanine Mann and Diana Demaria provide general staff support, with Mann providing support to Brett Salkeld in the Diaconate program and ecumenical office as well as Social Justice and Communications. Demaria provides office support for Denise Walsh in the Annual Appeal office and to Pastoral Director Bob Kowalchuk; Jennifer Ochieng is the Assistant Financial Officer and Eric Gurash is the Coordinator for Lay Ministry and Evangelization. Four fill positions left vacant through retirements while Kuntz is in a new position to support a growing work load in Youth Ministry.

Ochieng obtained her CA designation while working with the provincial auditor’s office for 8.5 years. Coming to the Archdiocese business office she said was a unique...

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It’s the first time Anglican and Roman Catholic groups have come together to talk about Aboriginal Ministry. 

About 30 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people attended what was called Signs of Hope: Conversations on First Nations Ministry, October 17, at St. Paul Cathedral’s Community Centre here. It was organized under the auspices of the Anglican Roman Catholic Covenant Implementation Committee and is one of the goals and activities that are part of the Covenant signed between the Archdiocese of Regina and the Diocese of Qu’Appelle in 2011. 

“It is important to educate each other about First Nations and what is going on in their lives. It’s important to hear the stories of the people,” said Susan Klein co-Chair of the Implementation Committee in conversation with the PM. Anglican co-Chair Deacon Michael Jackson said it is a continuation of the process of reconciliation and healing between the First Nations People and the rest of our society. “This workshop we have been...

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Frankly Speaking - Nuncio Visit October 1-7

Last updated on October 20, 2015

Canada’s Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi spent the first week of October in Saskatchewan, first in Regina, then up to Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Several stories about the visit appear elsewhere on this web site and here I’ll bring you a little more about the visit and some personal views.

The Nuncio, in case you’re wondering, is really Rome’s Ambassador to Canada. He is the Pope’s personal representative here and the Church’s contact with the Vatican. In other words, he’s handshake away from the Pope.

He unveiled and blessed the sisters Legacy Monument October 1, had a breakfast meeting with representatives of the Catholic School Divisions that are in the Archdiocese boundaries then celebrated an afternoon mass as part of the sisters Legacy Project. You can read more about that in the Prairie Messenger and on this web site. 

He returned to Regina for the October 7 Centennial celebration of Regina becoming an Archdiocese, the Metropolitan See for...

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Pangman Holy Angels Parish Celebrates 100 Years

Last updated on October 20, 2015

The faithful gathered here October 11 from as far away as Minnesota to celebrate the Centennial of Holy Angels Parish.

The weekend began on Friday October 9 with a lighthearted tribute to Pastor Reverend Anthony Pangan and former Pastors Reverends Louis Abello, Stephen Bill, Pat Murphy and Peter Nijsen. What each brought and what each left was highlightedwith some good humour thrown in. The evening also celebrated a mass, Benediction and the program was accompanied by an evening meal.

Sunday was the main event with Archbishop Daniel Bohan in attendance celebrating mass with Pangan. One of the highlights of the mass was a hymn sung in Tagalog, the Philippine language. It was written by Jean Wagner for the parish’s 60the anniversary and adapted by the Wadel family for the Centennial. It was sung to the tune of the hymn Day is Done. Pangan is from Philippines and about half the parish numbers are from Philippine according to Pangan. “Our Filipino families have had a...

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Security was tight and obvious when James and Holly Gustafson Brett and Flannery Salkeld attended the World Meeting of Families and the Papal visit to Philadelphia but it didn’t take away from the experience. Everyone was issued a transparent plastic back pack and you had to carry everything in it. You could carry something else, said Gustafson, but it would be a real hassle.

James said the atmosphere was the most unreal thing he had ever experienced. “Everyone loves the Pope, as we love the Pope; they love their faith, it was stunning to see that in action and everyone was happy.”  It was amazing to see that. The Pope just brought that attitude said James. “Catholic, joy, proud to be Catholic is what I felt.” “It was a life giving experience,” said Brett Salkeld. “Seeing the Pope was the highlight but hanging out with Gustafsons and getting to know other people from the diocese was great.”

Holly said she too experienced that joy. “I loved walking through the streets...

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