Protocol for Responsible Parish Ministry

Responsible Ministry Binder

Catholics believe that our baptism makes us members of the People of God and members of the faith community we know as the Church.  The protection of children and vulnerable persons is part of the very mission of the Church.  We are all called to insure that all members of our church community are able to practice their faith in a safe environment, confident that all the faithful are committed to their protection and well being.

To insure the protection of all members of our church community we as a community must insure that there are procedures in place to protect the vulnerable persons in our community.  We are called to formalize this procedure to insure that all parishes in the Archdiocese of Regina are providing the same level of protection to the members of their community.  The manual is intended to increase the security of those participating in parish activities or receiving services through a ministry, by insuring that the individual providing the service is an appropriate candidate to serve in that ministry.

The Archdiocese of Regina confirms its commitment to oppose (i) sexual abuse in all its forms, (ii) financial abuse, and (iii) the exploitation of vulnerable persons.  Our primary concern must be for the victim.  The development and implementation of this policy has as its goals, the prevention of sexual abuse, the protection of vulnerable persons, the pastoral care of those wounded by sexual or other abuse; along with the acknowledgment of the legal rights of the accused and the appropriate action toward those who have committed abuse.

In particular, the Archdiocese of Regina, through appropriate intervention and education and the establishment of procedures for risk management, will work toward eliminating sexual abuse, financial abuse, and exploitation of children and vulnerable persons that arise out of positions of trust.  Positions of trust can include the relationships that priests, parish ministers, religious, members of the pastoral team, parish employees and volunteers have with parishioners.

The Archdiocese of Regina expects its bishop, priests, deacons, lay personnel and volunteers to live chaste and moral lives; respecting in every way the integrity of others.  Sexual abuse, financial abuse, and exploitation of children and vulnerable persons abuse the power and authority of the pastoral role of all who work for and serve the People of God.  The primary aim of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan is for all to grow in personal holiness. 

The Archdiocese of Regina supports open and frank discussion of the social tragedy of sexual abuse and holds that it is not acceptable to ignore, minimize or cover up instances of sexual abuse.  Whenever sexual abuse is reported, appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that it will not reoccur, and to prevent other similar cases.

The Archdiocese of Regina will co-operate with the criminal and civil judicial systems, subject to the inviolability of the Sacramental Seal of Confession.

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Our Protocol manual below can be downloaded in segments - forms can be downloaded individually.

If you wish to be able to fill in the form on your computer, download the Editable Form in Word version, fill in and print it off. 

If you wish to be able to print off mulitple copies of the form for your parish, use the PDF version. 

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Section III

If you wish to be able to fill in the form on your computer, download the Editable Form in Word version, fill in and print it off. 

If you wish to be able to print off mulitple copies of the form for your parish, use the PDF version. 

Section IV

Section V

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Section VII – Children and Youth Ministry

What's New

Violence Can Happen Anywhere!

Last updated on May 12, 2014

I just finished reading about the shootings in St. Paul, Alberta; a community of about 5200.  By most standards it is what we would refer to as a small community.  I was sad to read about the deaths and injuries that rocked the community. 

Small communities are not immune to violence or abuse.  We never truly know what struggles our friends may  have and how they will chose to deal with these issues.  The thought that 'things' only happen in the big cities is not true.  We cannot live in fear and intrepidation, but we also cannot live in denial that it is 2014 and the world has changed.

Forgiveness--the word is easy to spell and pronounce, but so difficult to do.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of St. Paul.

Wonderful First Audits

Last updated on April 28, 2014

On Friday, April 25 we completed the first four audits of the many audits we plan to conduct.

The organization skills of each of the parishes were awesome.  We visited Central Butte, Marquis, Church of Our Lady; Moose Jaw and St. Joseph; Moose Jaw.  Three of the four parishes had completed the majority of both High and General screening documentation.

It is fun meeting everyone again and having a chance to see many beautiful parishes in our Archdiocese.  It is like being in the middle of a beautiful flower garden filled with colour and light.

We are looking forward to our next set of visits on May 6 and 7th.

Until the next time keep smiling!!

Pre-Audit Visits

Last updated on April 23, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

As I am typing this blog, it is a dark rainy day in Regina. Definitely a good day to be reading a book, making soup or stew or cleaning out a cupboard.  But the rain is necessary and will 'wash' all the streets and roads in the city.

As the Protocol for Responsible Parish Ministry Screening Committees are already aware, our department is planning to visit several parishes to do pre-audits before the insurance company decides to do their audit.  The intent is to make sure that 'we are all on the same page'.  We plan to visit all parishes in the City of REgina before the end of June.  Throughout July and August we hope to visit several of the rural parishes.  With approximately 150 parishes in the Archdiocese, we won't be able to visit everyone, but we will give our best try.

 If you still have some paper work to return to your Screening Committee, please do so as soon as possible.  It allows the committee to compete their work.


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Spring Has Finally Arrived

Last updated on April 9, 2014

It is wonderful to see and to hear the sights and sounds of spring arriving.  Puddle jumping and long line ups at the car wash are definitely signs that spring has arrived.

With such a late Easter, hopefully that new Easter outfit can be worn without a coat.  I was going to make reference to an Easter Bonnet but .......

With this wonderful weather, you may be planning family events for your parish.  Just a reminder that if children or youth are attending an event with their parents, they are consider to be under the supervision of the parents or guardians and as such it would not be necessary to screen volunteers unless the volunteers are directly working with the youth in a separate setting.

Sharon and I will be visiting parishes starting late April to determine how the process is progressing.  Remember gear for June 30th, 2014 to have the majority of your work completed.

Any questions just email or call:  306  352-1651  Extension 239

In the...

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Who requires a Criminal Record Check?

Last updated on March 25, 2014

The question is one that continues to plague parishioners.  Parishioners still wonder why they would have to get a criminal record check for ushering or being a lector.  Well the answer is they don't.  Only high security volunteers require a criminal record check.  Criminal record checks are for those volunteers who work with the vulnerable sector, handle money or have a key to the facilities.  Why those with keys you may ask?  A comment made by many is "There nothing of value in the church to steal".  Ah, but look again.  There are chalices, crosses etc that could be melted down to sell.  There are many sacred items that one would not want desecrated or vandalised.  So look again; there are many valuable items in any church.

And to reiterate:  The Criminal Record check does need to be specifc to the organization your are volunteering for.  It also must be the orginal paper not the copy.

We would love to answer any questions you may have.  We can...

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My last blog was Feb. 13 and at that time I asked "Where does the time go?" That was almost a month ago and I guess I could ask the same question once again.  My apologies for not writing sooner.

My excuse is that we have been have a wonderful time visiting parishes and speaking briefly to parishioners about the Protocols.  The warm friendly greetings have been overwheming.  We have a wonderful group of people in this Archdiocese!!!!

What we usually do is speak for about 10 minutes right after the Eucharist and then "hang" around to answer any questions.  There have been wonderful questions and excellent discussions.

I must say that EVERY church we have visited is beautiful!!

Both Sharon and I feel that this is the best part of our job and our so fortunate to have this opportunity.


We would LOVE to come to YOUR parish as well.  Just have your parish priest contact us and we will be there.

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Wow!! Where is the Time Going?

Last updated on February 13, 2014


We are already into six weeks of the new year.  Where does the time go?

Are you wondering if you will ever get this 'protocol stuff' finished?  I know it is on your mind daily.  Okay maybe not!

Maybe this cold weather has been filling your thoughts.  I do know that the weather definately seems to drain on of energy.  If you are lucky enough to escape to a warmer place for awhile; I hope it was or will be a good rest.  It is also hard to get forms completed when people are away.

Just do your best.  That is all we can do. 

Hopefully the comments received have been more postive than negative.  Many people have a different attitude when it comes to expectations of the church.  They have no difficulty with the concept of getting Criminal Record Checks for other organizations, or signing many forms when it comes to renting a car or recognizing that the recreation center should be locked for safety , but do not...

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There Seems to be So Many Forms

Last updated on January 31, 2014


Sharon and I have had the opportunity to conduct a few more workshops during December and January.  The number of forms that need to be completed always seem overwhelming at first. But remember to sort out what you actually need for each task.  Many of the ministries only need a couple of pieces of paper--The Adult Information Form and the Ministry Description. Working through each ministry step by step makes the task at hand easier to complete.  If you have any questions or need help in any way, just give us a call.  Enjoy your weekend. 

What Happens If We Have Too Many Volunteers?!!

Last updated on January 15, 2014

A problem we would all love to have – an abundance of volunteers.  In some cases, there may be ministries that we get more volunteers then we need.  The Parish Volunteer Screening Committee is not responsible for selecting the volunteers.  You are only responsible for saying if the person has met the criteria to become a volunteer in a particular ministry.  In some cases a member or members of the Parish Volunteer Screening Committee will meet with the ministry coordinator(s) and/or the priest to go over who is eligible and who is not.

If a person is not selected to be part of a ministry, it is a common courtesy to talk to the people who were not selected and give an explanation.  Who does that may depend on why the person has not been selected.  For instance, there may be something in the Criminal Record Check that is a problem.  The only person who would know that is the Priest because he is the only person to see this form.  In these cases, the Priest should...

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Are We Finished Yet?

Last updated on January 6, 2014


The hustle and bustle around the Christmas season is probably over for most of us and we are slowly getting back into our regular routine.  You might be thinking "Haven't we finished this Protocol Information" yet?  Well you are probably very close to finalizing many of the details especially if your committee started in the fall.  You have passed out all the information and alot of data has been returned.  If you are like me, you probably thought you were almost done.

But oops!!  After cross referencing proclaimers and eucharist ministers, I realized that several adult information forms were missing.  Sigh!!

More reminders and more gentle nudges are required.  Yes-- the reason why a committee is required; so that the  chairperson doesn't have to do all the phone calls.

But keep going--soon it will be done, files will have been made and it will be a much easier process in the future.