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If you are a victim of clergy sexual abuse, or have been affected by this reality, and would like to meet with someone at a later date, feel free to contact the Archbishop’s Delegate , Fr. Brad Fahlman  1(306) 400-3655 or by email  enquiryatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca. Both are private and confidential.  Or contact CARES Healing Community at thehealingcommunityatgmail [dot] com.

Open Letter to All Those who have been Wounded by the Effects of Clergy Sexual Abuse within the Archdiocese of Regina

This letter is to all of you who have been wounded through clergy sexual abuse: to those whose abuse was at the hands of a parish priest, a pastor, a member of a religious community; and to those who were abused at what was then known as an Indian residential school. It is addressed to those of you who have left the church, those who have been cast aside, those who have found a home in another faith community or spiritual tradition, and those who remain in the Catholic Church.

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to meet with some of you who were hurt deeply by the church, and have learned of the tragic legacy of clergy sexual abuse in our Archdiocese. I have also heard from victims who had come forward, had not been welcomed by church leaders, and who were left to experience more shame, guilt, and a door closed to healing. Many have chosen not to relate their experience to anyone and have buried their secret deep within them.

To each of you, and to all the people of the Archdiocese, this letter is an invitation to a healing journey, a journey that needs to involve the entire church. To those of you no longer in the church, but whose healing is bound up with the church’s healing, and indeed to each victim wherever you are on the path to healing, we extend an offer to accompany you on this journey in ways that are helpful to you. At the outset, I want to express on behalf of the church how deeply sorry we are that you have been wounded in this way. That should never have happened to you.  Read the rest of the letter.

NEW 2019 Policy and Procedure for Reporting Clergy Sexual Abuse HERE

Video messages in English and French:



  • The Archdiocese has prayer services for victims of clergy sexual assault available in French and English here.
  • Here is a selection of prayers of the faithful  (English) (French)
  • The Canadian Catholic Bishops' resource Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse is here
  • Policy and procedure for reports of sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults by clergy or persons working in a religious order here

Pope Francis' Letter to the People of God

In response to the devastating report on clergy sexual abuse and subsequent coverups released by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury, Pope Francis has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a detailed letter to the People of God.

In the interest of our Pope's exhortation that we hear "the heart-wrenching pain of these victims, which cries out to heaven" and allow "solidarity, in the deepest and most challenging sense, to become our way of forging present and future history" we encourage all of the faithful of our Archdiocese, our pastors, religious and lay pastoral workers to take time to read and reflect on the message it contains.

   Pope Francis' Letter with Message from Archbishop Don (English)  (French)





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