2021 Reverence for Life Resources

2021 has been a busy year for us on the Reverence for Life Commission. We are working hard to get you online resources that can reach you in your parishes, homes, and all your online communities. We are honoured to host our first-ever Reverence for Life Webinar, entitled “Life is a Gift,” on Wed, May 19th, at 7:00 CST. Our speakers include Mary Deutscher-Heilman from the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan (CHAS); Sister Avelina Joseph, Sisters of Life; Jose Argerami, Jenna Daly, and Sharon Martorana from Birthright; and Scott Hayward from Right Now. Our presenters will seek to reaffirm the value of human life and its sacredness and call us to respect, protect, heal, love, and serve every human life (c.f. EV. 5).

We also created a multi-lingual rosary to include many of the voices of those in our Archdiocese. This is a decade of the sorrowful mysteries. These reflections were created especially for Reverence for Life Month. We hope to be able to pray together as a community even when we are apart.