The Iraqi Refugee Project

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The following is part of a letter sent out to parishes of the Archdioces…

The Archdiocese of Regina has been committed for several months now, to responding to the disturbing news of the persecution and suffering of Christians in Iraq.  Last October the Archdiocese sent a letter to all parishes describing the grievous injustices heaped upon Christians in Iraqnecessitating their flight from their homes to become refugees in other countries.  The Bishop gave his support to a project initiated by the Social Justice Department of the Archdiocese to bring Iraq families to Regina.  All our parishes were invited to take part in this undertaking. 

    Now the real work starts.  We hope to raise enough funds to bring a few families to live in Regina.  The cost per family of the Endeavour will be between $20,000 and $30,000, money needed to support the family for the first year.

    Fundraising is difficult, even at the best of times, but this situation carries a great sense of urgency.  Would you plan a number of fundraising events within your parish, even perhaps involving the rest of your community?  It is an opportunity for each of us to become beggars for kindness and generosity!!  You can become familiar with the desperation of the situation by watching the Iraq Christian videos posted on the archdiocese website. 

Bert Pitzel.

To the Pastor:

Please find opportunities to raise this matter in your parish discussions.  Perhaps placing this letter in your bulletins and referring to this at mass this coming weekend would be effective. 

The organizing committee of the Iraqi refugee sponsorship project had requested a volunteer from each parish to stand as a rep to receive and disperse information.  The response to the request for a contact person has been fairly good but more is needed. 

Judy Klenk, Chair of the Organizing committee, asks that I re-emphasize the need to find a Parish representative so that your parish can get on the circuit of information for the project.  She wishes to hear from contact persons for each of the parishes.  Her contact information is:  jklenkatsasktel [dot] net  and phone is (306) 345-2114. 


The following is a letter Judy Klenk sent out to Iraqi parish representatives, April 15, 2011

(Hello to all),

This is just a note to say hi and thank all of you for agreeing to become the Iraqi representative for your parish. I am enclosing a letter dated February 15th that I hope you will share with your parish by inserting it along with this note into your bulletins as soon as possible in order to kick off your fundraising campaign for the Iraqi Crisis Project.

 Now, I know that some of your parishes have already started your fundraising campaigns and a lot of you have asked me what you can do for fundraising. Please allow me to suggest what other parishes are doing with pancake breakfasts, bake sales, an Eastern evening, cabarets, karaoke nights and fundraising dinners. You could try a garage sales – it is spring and housecleaning time and your waste items may just be someone else's treasures. Spring is here and people want to get outside so how about a car wash or a hot dog sale. Turn you fundraising events into whole community events and most of all have fun with them. Get your parish council to set up a fundraising committee and have a great time helping with this most noteworthy venture.

The Bishop has designated the Mothers' Day weekend (May 7th and 8th) as Iraqi Collection weekend where all parishioners can make their own special donation to this worthy cause. I will e-mail a bulletin insert to you before the Mothers' Day weekend in order to remind all parishioners of this important collection. I will be asking you, as well as your priests to discuss the importance of giving generously to the Iraqi Crisis Project.

Once again, thank you for helping me spread the word regarding the Iraqi Crisis Refugee Campaign. Good Luck with your fundraising efforts. If I can help in any way please let me know.

Thank You!!!!

Judy Klenk

Updates The raising of funds by parishes has been quite slow at this point, but thanks to the generosity of several parishes, we are now at $1390. Because of recent fundraisers parishes have held, we expect additional funding shortly.