Circles of Support and Accountability are being developed for high-risk offenders who have served their sentences and are returning to the community. Presently, there are 13 circles operating in Regina and the surrounding area.

A high-risk person returning to the community from prison can request that a circle be formed for him or her in the community. At the outset, an agreement or covenant is signed by the core member (the person returning from prison) and the group of persons in the circle. It outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the core member and the other members. There are generally four to seven persons in one Circle; Circles have been found to have a profound effect on successful integration into the community.

If you think you are called to volunteer as a support in a Circle, please contact the Program Coordinator for Southern Saskatchewan.

Kristin Kuka, Coordinator for CoSA South Saskatchewan, 
2700 Montague Street #16
Regina, SK S4S 0J0
kristin [dot] cosassatsasktel [dot] net

At CoSA South Saskatchewan we also are looking for volunteers who will act as links between an offender coming to Regina and who are seeking a welcoming faith community. 


Members of Friends on the Outside meet every Thursday at 7:00 pm for support, hope, and encouragement to inmates and former inmates, their families, and friends at Western Pizza, 346 University Park Drive. Join us for coffee, conversation and laughter.

Ruth Robillard, Director for FOTO

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