Social Justice

The following are the primary ways in which the Social Justice Department attempts to respond to the call to be prophetic and witness to transformative action in a highly disillusioned culture, according to the demands of the Social Teachings of the Church as presented in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church:

  • Offers various presentations and workshops.
  • Works creatively in ecumenical groups and committees, including Kairos and Restorative Justice circles.
  • Provides the leadership required to shape ‘A Deanery’s Spotlight on Social Justice’, an approach designed to assist the Implementation of the Vision of the Archdiocese of Regina. A ‘Deanery’s Spotlight on Social Justice’ replaces the ‘Social Justice in Motion’ conferences.
  • Joins various advocacy and action groups that it might be informed by and give support to secular groups and coalitions who work out of concern for the environment and on behalf of persons who are in need of better support.
  • Participates in the Annual Western Social Justice Conference, a weekend gathering of many representatives from the 18 dioceses in Western Canada, enabling it to work in wider regional social justice forums.
  • Hosts and chairs the three or four commission meetings that take place each year. The Archdiocesan Social Justice Commission is a body made up of two representatives from each deanery. The work of the commission is to pray, offer support and challenge to the Coordinator, provide a two-way line of communication, discuss any current justice issues of regional concern, and assist the department in developing and promoting an annual Archdiocesan or deanery wide Social Justice event.

The Social Justice Department of the Archdiocese of Regina is staffed by the Social Justice Coordinator, Bert Pitzel, and part time secretary Jo-Ann Selinger.

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Version of Catholic Response to Document of Discovery and TN:

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Catholic Response Call to Action:

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A group of anti-poverty activists and supporters listed a series of questions they want the public to ask of their candidates for the April 4 Saskatchewan Election. They feel poverty is not getting the attention it deserves from candidates and want the public to bring their issues to the campaign.

The Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry, Poverty Free Saskatchewan and Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger (REACH) attended a March 16 news conference to discuss poverty issues and present 10 questions they want asked of candidates for all parties.

The ten questions all start with the phrase what are your party’s plans for: then go into specifics; legislation to ensure provincial anti-poverty strategy upholds social and economic rights Saskatchewan committed to protect under the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; increasing benefits under the Saskatchewan Assistant Plan, the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability and ensure an adequate...

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Revitalize your parish

Last updated on March 3, 2016

Social Justice Wisdom tells parishes that if they are able to make an option for the poor , they will become more exciting and evangelizing.

Listen to the way Pope Francis frames the above teaching in his Encyclical Evangelium Gaudium:

“Any Church community, if it thinks it can comfortably go its own way without creative concern and effective cooperation in helping the poor to live with dignity and reaching out to everyone, will also risk breaking down, however much it may talk about social issues or criticize governments. It will easily drift into a spiritual worldliness camouflaged by religious practices, unproductive meetings and empty talk.”(#207)

“If anyone feels offended by my words, I would respond that I speak them with affection and with the best of intentions, quite apart from any personal interest or political ideology. My words are not those of a foe or an opponent. I am interested only in helping those who are in thrall to an individualistic,...

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Very Reverend Lorne D. Crozon, DIOCESAN ADMINISTRATOR addresses the faithful of the Archdiocese in regards to the Share Lent Campaign. "Our Share Lent campaign, entitled Create a Climate of Change, invites us on a pilgrimage that takes us out into the world to learn about our sisters and brothers in Haiti, Paraguay, Indonesia and the Holy Land." 

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Prayer Vigil at La Loche

Last updated on January 29, 2016

Teachers from three school divisions, Regina Catholic, Regina Public and Prairie Valley along with friends, local, provincial and federal politicians took part in a candle light and prayer vigil held the evening of January 27. They gathered first at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum on the North side of Wascana Lake and walked down Albert Street to the Legislative building on the South Side of the lake where they gathered for speeches, prayers and singing. All of this in support of the people in La Loche. Juanita Tuharsky, a high school teacher from Regina Public School Division was gratified at the turnout which numbered several hundred people. The short speeches came from teachers and First Nations Elders, not from politicians. After the speeches, participants deposited their candles and tea lights in the snow across the road from the Legislative Building. They then gathered in a huge circle on the road and sang a scripted song together.

Jesuit Volunteers Canada

Last updated on January 26, 2016

Jesuit Volunteers Canada Now Accepting Applications for the 2016/2017 Program

Jesuit Volunteers Canada (JVC) is a year or two of service, where young adults live out the values of Christian spirituality, social and eco justice, community, and simple living. Current placement opportunities include working in First Nations communities, youth programing, community development and outreach, education, food justice, and working with those who experience urban poverty. Jesuit Volunteers Canada is currently accepting applications for September 2016 with possible communities and work placements in northern Ontario, Toronto and Regina. For more information visit or call 519-820-8204. JVC is part of a 50-year movement dedicated to inspiring young adults!

Archbishop Daniel Bohan

Last updated on January 27, 2016

His passing brought about these reflections, memories of how I was able to work with his style of shepherding. The time I spent with Bishop Dan was as Social Justice Coordinator, 11 years of opportunity in a ministry that calls all to focus on the welfare of the least, the lost and the lowest.   

What stays with me is the power and ultimate purpose that some of the Archbishop's ‘small’ words and decisions had on me and the social Justice Ministry.

For example, after Bishop Dan had met with a group of Prolife advocates, he looked at me, then said “Bert, we have to do something about this.” His words stuck to me, and three years later, after a series of unlikely events, they became the reason why the Reverence for Life Commission was established and October was declared Reverence for Life Month.

…or when he asked me to attend a Catholic Conference on Refugees, held in Pickering Ontario. I wondered aloud about the cost of attending such an event and whether...

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Earth Connections for January 2016

Last updated on December 29, 2015
Earthcare Connections Intentions – January 2016        January 1 — Mary, Mother of God        1. As we enter this New Year, the Holy Year of Mercy, may we direct our energy and insight into care for the Earth.   We pray to the Lord.      2. Teach us compassion for those countries suffering most from human induced climate change and stir us into action to help them. We pray to the Lord.   January 3 — Epiphany of the Lord   1. Like the sages from the East, may we see God’s revelation in the signs of the times and act wisely as we care for the earth.   We pray to the Lord. 2. As we send donations to help the poor in other countries, may we remember and help the hungry and needy who are our neighbors here at home. We pray to the Lord.   January 10 — Baptism of the Lord – First Sunday in Ordinary Time   1. May all people have access to abundant and clean water. We pray to the Lord.      2. May the Spirit given us in baptism help us see God’s goodness in all created things.   We pray to the... Read More

The Holy Year of Mercy

Last updated on December 21, 2015

I remember reading, a number of years ago, a short piece by Andre Auw. His short story still carries much meaning for me. While I don’t have his exact words, I can still give you the story’s message. It goes something like this.    

One day, Andre, feeling a bit hungry, made his way over to a nearby candy machine. He placed the right change in the machine, made his selection and waited for his favorite chocolate bar to drop. Nothing came out. He tried again but still no chocolate bar. Now Andre, instead of dwelling in the frustration that goes along with this kind of irritation, shifted into creative thinking. “This machine”, he thought, “reminds me of me!” Andre finished off his story with a small prayer. “Sometimes Lord”, the prayer went, “I’m like this machine. I know there is something in me which people need and which I really want to give, but I just can’t seem to bring it out. ”

I used the above story a few weeks ago when our Restorative Justice team gave a...

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Syrian Crisis Update

Last updated on December 11, 2015
December 31, 2015, is the deadline by the Government of Canada to match contributions made toward assisting Syrian refugees. Because of the Christmas holidays we are recommending that your diocese / eparchy: 1) inform the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCOPD), Aid to the Church in Need Canada (ACN) and/or CNEWA Canada by Friday, December 18, of the amounts that have been collected, and 2) forward the contributions to the respective agency no later than Friday, January 15, 2016.   As you will recall, during the 2015 Plenary Assembly, the Conference announced that it was collaborating with CCODP, ACN and CNEWA Canada in a joint fundraising campaign for Syrian refugees. The three Canadian Catholic aid and development agencies are cooperating so as to respond as effectively as possible to the complex and overwhelming Syrian emergency. Donations can be made to any or all three of the organizations. Each will continue working with its respective partners in the... Read More