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Stewardship Hands

Stewardship is a way of life that is deeply rooted in the person of Jesus Christ, who came to teach us how to live. He came not to do His own will, but the will of the One who sent Him.

He came not to be served, but to serve. God is sending each of us to continue the mission of Jesus.

Stewardship Is:

  • an attitude of gratitude
  • to begin with God and his abundance
  • to acknowledge that God is creator and owner of all
  • responsible management of time, talent and treasure
  • sharing our love to serve others
  • rooted in scripture and spirituality
  • a personal relationship with God
  • a collaborator in God’s creation
  • living our Baptismal promises
  • a decision to answer the call to be a disciple of Christ
  • trust not control

Why Stewardship?
Christian stewardship successfully bridges the material world around us and the world of the Spirit within us. Stewardship spirituality can be exercised at home or in the workplace and is expressed through personal involvement in both the community and the Church.

Christian Stewardship

  • gives meaning and purpose to one’s life
  • builds up and renews Christ’s Church
  • spreads the mission of Christ
  • leads people to share in the work of evangelization and proclaiming the Good News
  • promotes acceptance of every member’s responsibility for the Church
  • fosters and nurtures healthy family life
  • allows opportunities for us to use our personal gifts
  • helps us become aware that God is the ultimate giver of the gifts that we have

Stewardship of Time

Fr. Steve Helping in the Kitchen

A true understanding of stewardship begins with taking care of and sharing the gift of time. In a busy society like ours, time is one of the most precious possessions we have. How we spend our time is perhaps the clearest indication of our progress in a life of Christian discipleship.

Some people say "time is money". Time is much more valuable than money! We have all had the experience of wasting money on poor purchases or bad decisions. We recover from that, but not so with time. Time once spent can never be recovered. God gives us the present as gift to use as good stewards.

Stewardship of time is more than inviting people to spend a few hours volunteering in the parish. It is helping people to look at their lives, 24 hours each day, as an opportunity to serve the Lord and to build up the Kingdom.

Stewardship is a life-long process; following Jesus is the work of a lifetime.

Stewardship of Talent

Stewardship means being accountable for all God's gifts. Stewardship of the gift of talent means nurturing, developing and using the God-given abilities to help define "who we are" as unique individuals.

Our talents are the special blessings that each of us has received from a loving Creator who values the diversity and abundant variety of all creation.

When we volunteer to work for our parish or help our neighbor, we share "who we are" for the good of others.

The Holy Spirit fires our passion to use our talents. For instance, some are passionate about the cause of the poor while others may be passionate about praying and visiting with the sick.

What is your talent?

Stewardship of Treasure

Many of the parables of Jesus speak to us about money or material possessions: the lost coin, the widow's
mite, the buried treasure in the field, the rich young man, and the Good Samaritan who gives two silver pieces to the innkeeper. Jesus talks about money because he knows how personal it is to us.

Stewardship of treasure is not about giving to a need, but rather it is about the need to give. Stewardship is living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered. It is important for us to share our money and our material possessions because all the good things that God has made are meant to be shared. We need to return thanks to a loving God for the many blessings we have received.

How much am I expected to give? The question Stewardship asks is, "How much do we want to give!" This
means giving from the heart as a faith response.

Who is a Good Steward?

Stewardship is about our response to God's invitation to discipleship. It is what we do after we say, "We believe." A good Steward is:

  • one who returns God's gifts with increase to the Lord
  • one who gives joyfully in thanksgiving for all God's gifts
  • one who lives out Christ's instruction to "love one another as I have loved you"
  • one who is respectful of Creation
  • one who is Christ-centered rather than self-centered 



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