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"Stewardship as a Tool for Evangelization" a video series produced by the office of Stewardship Development in the Diocese of Prince Albert. This is a thought-provoking program which consists of five, twenty minute segments making it ideal for use in the context of parish pastoral and financial council meetings? The DVD set and an accompanying hard copy version are now available at the diocesan resource centre library.

Recognize the Faithful Stewards in your Parish

The Stewardship of Prayer

 Jesus prayed daily and stayed in touch with his Father.  He always prayed before big events like the passion, like choosing his disciples, and before some of his miracles.

Jesus came to earth to reconcile us to the Father. Our mission as Christians is to follow Christ, to go forth to proclaim the Good News of salvation, to give life, to the full, as Jesus did.

Most of us are not asked to lay down our lives on the cross. We are asked to offer our prayers and works and suffering, and to unite these to the sacrifice of the cross for our salvation and that of the world.

In our families, the domestic church, we work and pray for our family members; for the unity of the family, and for a spirit of love among its members.

In our parishes we all need to contribute to the success, the unity and the spirit of the parish family.

Some of us may think we can no longer serve the parish, the C.W.L., or the Knights because of age and disability. Nothing is further from the truth. We can support by being members, and most important, we can pray for the parish or the organization.

At Pastoral Council, C.W.L and Knights of Columbus meetings we take a moment to pray for those sick or in distress. We do that at every Mass as well. That tells us something.

If you want the parish or other organization to succeed, you need to pray for God’s blessings. As we live our daily lives we need to stay in touch with God and his will for us. We need to offer our work, our joys and sorrows as prayer. When sickness or suffering comes our way, we have the opportunity to unite it to Christ’s suffering and to offer it as prayer.

Imagine all the blessings this parish could enjoy if everyone prayed and worked daily for its success?

Above all, the steward is thankful for all the blessings and opportunities God gives us everyday.