Message from Archbishop Daniel Bohan

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Dear Pastors and Parish Ministers,

I am writing this letter to introduce to you a new Archdiocesan Marriage Preparation Resource and Approach entitled "For Better and For Ever."

I am also writing to encourage you and members of your Pastoral Team to attend the Information sessions to be held at Holy Child Parish in Regina for Pastors and Parish Staffs.

When couples come to us seeking to enter into Marriage, we are given a special opportunity to help them understand how beautiful and helpful the Sacrament of Marriage is to all those who wish to live their love together. There are certainly many good programs that have been used over many years. I find this program particularly appealing because it is centred on the parish.

I am firmly convinced that any journey of faith needs to be rooted in a parish community. Here people find direction and are helped by the support which fellow Catholics offer to one another. This program has sponsor couples and has follow up as a part of the program itself. I find these things very hopeful to bring our young couples into a stronger bond with the Church.

We all need to work hard in our contemporary world to bring couples to approach the Sacrament of Marriage and to find there the love of God for them and the deep love that they have for each other.

My thanks to you for your ongoing work to minister to these people who come to you and bring to them the love of Christ and of the Church for them.

Yours fraternally,

+ Daniel J. Bohan
Archbishop of Regina 

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