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The word, “vocation” is derived from the Latin word, “vocare”, which means “to call” or “a call that I hear”.

Vocation is a complex reality which affects the nitty-gritty of our entire lives and is composed of three intricately related aspects:

  • who the Lord calls us to be (our self-identity)
  • how the Lord calls us to become our unique selves (vocational lifestyle)
  • what the Lord calls us to do for God and others (our mission or ministry)

Are You Wondering About Your Vocation?

The Archdiocese of Regina is pleased to share these videos. They will be of special interest to those of you who are thinking of a Priestly Vocation.  The following series of videos entitled "Go Forth"  have been produced by The Archdiocese of Regina to introduce you to our seminarians. 

There are also links to videos from other diocese in the United States that will be of special interest to those thinking of a vocation to the priesthood.

If you would like to speak to discuss this further, please contact your local parish priest or, Father Danilo Rafael:divineramatsasktel [dot] net, Father Lorne Crozon: fatherlorneatsasktel [dot] net or Father Stephen Bill:fatherstephenbillatsasktel [dot] net ( )fatherstephenbillatsasktel [dot] net.  Please pray for the nine seminarians from the Archdiocese of Regina, and all those seeking to do God's will.

The Diocesan Priest

If you have been thinking about becoming a priest, click on the link below to find some answers to many questions.

"Go Forth" Video Series

Go Forth | Servant Leadership

Go Forth | To Priest or Not to Priest

Christopher Juchacz Vocation Journey

Meet Our Seminarians

Go Forth – Discernment

"Come and See"  Presentation

The following presentation was made after the Come and See Weekend held last summer as young men spent some time discerning their vocation

Poster of Our Seminarians

 Seminarians 2015

Videos from other Archdiocese

I Will Follow

New York Ordination


This year the people of the Archdiocese of Regina are blessed to have nine candidates on a journey of study and discernment as they explore their personal vocations to the priesthood. It has been many years since the group has been this large and it’s a sign to us that our Catholic family of faith is entering a period of renewal. The past three Holy Fathers, Saint John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have all brought a charism of hope to their ministries and a focus on building up young Catholics and we are reaping the fruit of those efforts today.

The Archdiocese of Regina is geographically a very large diocese. It covers about the same landmass as Germany with roughly 140,000 Catholics. We face a special challenge in that the nearest seminary is in Edmonton, over a 9 hr. drive away! However, our seminarians work hard to stay in touch and to come back to volunteer and be present in our parishes and our ministry programs several times a year. The support our seminarians receive from caring donors to Catholic Missions in Canada makes all the difference in the world to helping our community meet the additional financial burden of providing for travel to and from the seminary and all the costs associated with not being able to train our candidates at home.

However, that’s enough about our Archdiocese! I’m sure you’re very interested to know more about the dedicated young men who have chosen to consider a life as leaders for our Catholic family!

It’s a privilege for all of us here in the Archdiocese of Regina to walk alongside men who have chosen to follow a personal call from God and to commit themselves to discerning whether that may lead to beginning a new life in God as ordained priests. Thank you for being there with us on this journey through your gifts and your prayers! 

Lindenbach Andrew

Andrew Lindenbach is 28 years old and was born in Regina, but grew up in Saskatoon. In the year 2010 he returned to Regina to attend Campion College in order to receive a degree in Philosophy. After completing this degree he asked permission from the Bishop to attend Seminary. After Completing 5 months, Andrew decided to leave and take time off. After working for a year, Andrew has decided to return to St. Joseph’s Seminary, in Edmonton. He will be doing a Propaedeutic year of prayer, catechesis and service.


Joseph Vu Van Chinh, is 33 years old and was born in North Vietnam. In 1992 his parents sent him to school at the rectory of Travy to live and study. He graduated high school in 1998 and studied at the University of Phuong Dong in Hanoi until 2003 when he entered the seminary in Saigon. He said, “I always wish deep in my heart to become a good priest in the Catholic Church. When I was a child God called me to serve in the Church. My Grandfather instructed me in everything at the Sacristy, I love it and cherish my dream of one day becoming a priest of God.” 

Christian Lindenbach is 28 years old, and was born in Saskatoon, moving to Regina in 2009. He attended St. Anne parish while pursuing a degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy Campion College at the UofR, where he discerned a call to the priesthood. After graduation, he attended St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto and completed the Spiritual Year, where he spent a year in prayer and discernment before theological studies. Christian discerned that he needed to take some time out of formation before he began his formal discernment to be a priest, and so he returned to Regina for 3 years, being a part of the Resurrection Parish community helping with catechesis and Sunday ministries. During this time, he discerned a call to marriage while he worked in sales for a year, and later returned to the UofR and completed a Master of Arts degree in Religious studies and the New Testament. Christian then discerned to re-apply to St. Augustine’s, and was accepted into the formation program where he is currently completing his first year of theological studies. Christian has a passion for old-fashioned letter writing, cycling, kickboxing, and cooking.

Daniel Malone is 22 years old and was born and raised in Regina. He studied at Campion College and helped found the Campion College Knights of Columbus Council 15955. There he majored in mathematics, then linguistics, but left university without a degree. In the Fall of 2016 he started attending St. Philip Neri Seminary at the Toronto Oratory, studying philosophy. All prayers for the increase in sanctity and numbers of the clergy, seminarians, and religious are needed, welcome, and appreciated.

Parker Love

Parker Love of Resurrection Parish  is 24 years old and was born and raised in Regina. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Honours English from the University of Regina, he began a spiritual journey that culminated with his baptism and confirmation in the Catholic church in Easter of 2012. He credits his parents’ entry into the church the Easter before and the influence of several virtuous Christians in his life, as well as the Holy Spirit, for his conversion. Parker enjoys playing board games, reading, writing, and having a good conversation 


AnthonyI am Anthony Tran Buu Phung, a Vietnamese and 34 years old. I was born in October, 10, 1979 in a small village in Daklak province in the middle of Vietnam. My parents have four children and I am the eldest, following by two younger sisters and a youngest brother. My parents both are the teachers, but my Dad died in the traffic accident in 1998. My mother is a teacher in elementary school.

After the death of my Dad, I had to stop studying and help my Mum take care of the children. Two years later, I came to the parish house to consider and discern about my vocation. At that time, I lived there to help parish priest in some cases: teaching catechism, serving altar.In 2005, I went to the house of Commission of Catechism to help the old priest there with his computer. Two years later, he sent me to Ho Chi Minh University where I studied Sociology. In the second year of University, I entered the Scalabrini Congregation and the formators asked me to take the entrance exam for the Philosophy Institute. after passing the exam and I studied Philosophy in Dominican Institute in Vietnam until July of 2012, I was then  sent to Manila, The Philippines to study English and take the next step in my formation. After more than five years living in formation program,  I could see that I have the calling to become a diocese priest. So I  applied to the Archbishop of Regina and was accepted as a seminarian.

I want to be a good priest to serve my brothers and sisters, especially those who need the most. I also want to give back my gratitude to the foreign missionaries who spent their lives spreading out the Good News to Vietnam.

Hello! My name is Christopher Juchacz, and I was born and raised in Regina, SK. My journey to the seminary began when I took Religious Studies courses at Campion College at the University of Regina. After completing several courses I decided to change the path of my studies to Theology which took me to Saint Paul University in Ottawa, ON. While I was there I began working for a pharmaceutical retail chain. I worked for that particular company for 10 years. Four years ago I decided to moved to Moose Jaw, SK to be close to family. Shortly after my return, I began discerning my vocation. I initially decided to discern with a Franciscan community in the United States. I spent a year and a half with that community, after which I discerned that the Lord was not calling me to be a friar. I moved back to Moose Jaw and resumed my old job there. After much prayerful discernment and help from my parish priest, Fr. Carlos Jimenez, I was accepted by Archbishop Daniel Bohan to study for the Archdiocese of Regina at St. Joseph Seminary in Edmonton, AB. Please keep me in your prayers, because I will be praying for the people of the Archdiocese of Regina.    


Reed Miller is 28 years old and entering his first year of studies at St. Joseph Seminary.  Since baptism, Reed has been a member of Holy Family Parish in Regina where he participated in the youth programs allowing his faith to really come alive.  After obtaining a degree in Religious Studies and Geography from the University of Regina, Reed went to Ireland for a year with NET Ministries and returned to his home parish where he became the youth coordinator.  After four amazing years of ministry at Holy Family, Reed felt called to go to the seminary to discern becoming a priest. Reed also enjoys playing board games, being active, and making music for the Lord through the piano and singing.


Ricardo Escalante was born and grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, (West Indies), the second of five children. After studying and working as a lawyer in the Caribbean, he eventually moved to Vancouver, Canada, where some of his family (including a brother and sister and their respective families) lived. In Vancouver he worked for the law firm of Ladner Downs, as it was then called. Ricardo knew for quite a while that his vocation was to serve the Church, but was unsure as to the precise manner this would take. For that reason he started attending Vocation meetings given by the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Eventually, with the blessing of the Archdiocese, he went to Rome as a layman to study Philosophy, with the intention of returning to enter the diocesan Seminary. However, his interest in Philosohy only deepened, and after completing his Bachelor’s in Philosophy he decided to continue with the Master’s and the Doctorate (which he is at present writing) as well. During that time he also completed the Bachelor’s in Theology, all his studies being done at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (“Angelicum”). While in Rome Ricardo met Archbishop Daniel Bohan during his visit to the Angelicum University. They kept in touch over the years, and eventually when Ricardo decided he was ready to enter the Seminary, he naturally chose Regina. Ricardo lives at the Pontificio Collegio Nepomuceno, the Seminary of the Czech Republic, in Rome.  


Father James singing and dancing with St. Gregory grade 1 class on a Pastoral visit.

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Go Forth Video Series

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