“Lord, You search me and You know me.” 

God has planted our vocation deep into our hearts.  Only He knows the plans He has for each one of us.  Through our baptism, we are called to Know Christ, Love Christ and Serve Christ and sanctity is our highest calling and our first vocation.  In discerning where God is calling us, we must continue to grow in an intimate and personal relationship and conversation with Christ.  Whether our call is priesthood, consecrated life, marriage or single life, we must discuss with Christ, “Is this the best path for me to holiness?”

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Diaconate Candidates Begin Journey

Last updated on December 19, 2014

Ten candidates have begun their four year journey towards ordination as permanent Deacons for the Regina Archdiocese. They gathered at St. Michael’s Retreat House here December 13 for their second weekend session to learn what it takes and what it means to be Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.

Norbert Gaudet said when he heard the letter from the Archdiocese read in his church, Sacred Heart, Raymore, Saskatchewan, inviting applicants for the program, he heard a call. “The next day the chair of parish council said to me ‘you’d make a great candidate so think about it’,”. So he thought about it, discussed it with his wife who said it was something he should and could do, discerned about it, filled out the application and was accepted.

Gaudet is a retired French teacher in the Horizon School District. He is very much involved in his church as a member of parish council and former chair of the council. He is an acolyte and serves as leader in Lay Ministry Services....

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Thuy Nguyen Ordained

Last updated on December 17, 2014

It was a long journey that took several routes but “God’s will” brought Thuy Nguyen to Regina where he was ordained priest December 12, 2014, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He strongly believes that God had a plan for him and despite different “challenges and difficulties” in his journey, it was all God’s will. Whatever those challenges and difficulties he didn’t elaborate either during his thank yous at the end of the ordination service or in the following interview with the PM. “I don’t blame anyone. I don’t want to blame anyone.”

Thuy was born and raised in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. He was educated there and spent seven years in a monastery studying for the priesthood.

Until recently the Vietnam government controlled the number of seminarians limiting them to 40 every second year and thus controlling the number of priests according to an April article in the National Catholic Reporter.

It was during a 2011 Vietnam visit that Regina’s Archbishop...

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On Friday Oct. 25, 2013, I was invited by the Conquest Boys Club to address their annual Faith of Our Fathers Men's Banquet on the question of the permanent diaconate.  This event is an opportunity for men and their sons to come together to celebrate their vocations as husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, while also honouring our spiritual fathers in the priesthood and encourgaing young men to actively discern their own vocations.  As such, it was the perfect place to talk about the vocation to the diaconate, a little known, but essential vocation in the life of the Church.  Here is what I had to say:

I want to thank you for your invitation to talk about the important, but relatively unknown vocation of the diaconate.  Some of us here may be called to this vocation, but most probably are not.  Nevertheless, it is a vocation in the Church, like priesthood or marriage, and all Catholics should know something about it.

Now, I’m a theologian, and one of my areas of...

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In Italian: (1) audio (MP3 file) Vatican Radio report including excerpts from the Pope`s actual oral homily, about 5 minutes. (Listen at the bottom of this post).

In English: http://www.news.va/en/news/pope-a-priest-never-belongs-to-himself
My experience has been that English translations on the various Vatican websites are sometimes (highly) questionable. I don`t know Italian very well but my opinion comes from comparing Latin documents on Vatican websites and their English translations, also on Vatican websites. That is why I provide links to Italian versions since the actual homily was delivered in Italian.
The Pope`s homily addresses, amongst other things, the thoughts of a group of priests in Austria who are wanting to have the Church its teaching on the possibility of ordaining women to the ministerial priesthood.

A Life of Vocations

Last updated on July 16, 2011

Reverend Thomas Nguyen told his audience the Regina Archdiocese needs 12 Seminarians and it has only 3, "so talk about it with young men and pray. We have only 3 and next year we hope there will be 5 more but we need more."

Nguyen was speaking during a May 29 presentation, A Life of Vocations, which he and his Holy Cross Parishioners produced to bring attention to the lack of priestly vocations in the archdiocese. Nguyen also used the occasion to sing songs he wrote over several years, all of them devotional and most of them personal and in between he told the story of his own vocation, his call to priestly service and how it came about. (for his full story see Prairie Messenger May 4 Vocations Supplement).

He talked of his birth in Viet Nam, his youth, his first inkling of a call to the priesthood, the impact of the war, life under the communist regime, his escape to Malaysia, life in a refugee camp and his arrival in Canada, where he heard again the call to...

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