Small Group Ministry

This January, the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry (OYYAM) launched an exciting new initiative that will (we hope!) provide a faith and social experience that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and interests! This promising venture will see the formation of several small groups built around a shared interest. The goal of these groups is to form young adult community, provide opportunities for people to grow in faith, and serve as the foundation for the greater young adult community within our Archdiocese. Please note that these groups can be formed anywhere, and it is our hope that they would not all be in one central location. 

It is worth noting that, currently, most of our small groups are taking place in online settings. While this was not our intention when we first came up with this idea, it is a decision that was made out of necessity. As it becomes safer to gather in larger numbers, you can be sure that the small groups will adjust as well! 

Registration for small groups is now open! You can register by clicking here! 

Want to see what small groups are being offered this time? Click here to find out!

Learn about hosting a small group HERE

Learn about joining a small group HERE

All small groups are built with three things in mind:

  1. Faith - How will your group build and strengthen the faith life of its members?
  2. Social - How will your group connect and form intentional relationships? 
  3. Who? - Who is the group for? Is it open to any young adult, or is for a specific demographic?

If you have any questions or concerns about this ministry, or simply want to know more, please email us at oyyamatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

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