Youth Ministry In-Service
The In-Service is set up for Parishes or Deaneries to enhance their knowledge of youth ministry and ways to increase the opportunities for youth events. It can easily be tied to a Parish Council or Deanery Meeting or can stand on its own.

The In-Service can vary from an information and question session, to some practical guidelines to working in Youth Ministry. Time line can vary from 45 minutes to 3 hours. It can also be as simple as a 5 minute address at Mass one weekend!

If you are interested in an In-Service for your parish or deanery please contact Michelle.

Sask Cath provides a one day training, 4 times a year, for all those who work with ministering to young people in any way. The sessions are planned and carried out by SCYD (Saskatchewan Catholic Youth Directors) and take place at various places around the province. They are inexpensive, informal, interactive and time well spent. For further info contact Michelle at ymoatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Multi- Media Resource Centre
This is a well kept secret!! The Archdiocese boasts a bountiful Resource Centre. This Multi-Media Library provides resources for hands on activities, prayer services, videos, music and church information. Have a topic in mind? Give the staff a call and they will find you information on it.

WCACYM – Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers
WCACYM allows Youth Ministers in Western Canada to have a voice, provide training and build networks of Youth Ministry.

Membership is open to anyone who has key interest in Youth Ministry. (Parishes, Priests, Schools, Volunteers) For information on the association or membership options please contact the Youth Ministry Office. This organization offers a wealth of knowledge and support.

WCACYM Summer Seminar
The Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers (WCACYM), in cooperation with the Redemporists, sponsors a 3 year certificate program in youth ministry. It involves one intense week of training each summer, followed by a number of assignments completed over the course of the year. Those who have attended, have nothing but wonderful things to say! Please see link below for more info. Some scholarships are available.

The website for WCACYM can be viewed at

This is a site built around giving you a place to find what you need and share what you have.  Our hope is that this site becomes a go to place for you to connect with others and grow.  We know that the Holy Spirit has also placed tools in your community. We hope you will share them with us.

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