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Ever wonder what Youth Ministry really is? 

Is there more to it than just eating pizza and playing dodgeball? (hint: yes)

Do you desire for your parish to be welcoming to youth? (hint: it can be!)

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MyGen 2017 Wrap Up Video

Hightlights fromt the MyGen Youth Rally

MyGen 2016 Keynote 1 - Colm Leyne

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The Tech Ten Commandments

Last updated on December 3, 2013

In May, myself and a team of young adults were  blessed to spend some retreat days with grade 7 & 8 students from Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Shaunavon. Our theme was "I Want to Live Like That!" We spent the day looking at what "that" looks like, or COULD look like in their lives.  In exploring all that they are called to be, we spent time looking at the 10 Commandments and exploring the lives of the Saints. We also spent a good  chunk of time looking at something called the "Tech 10 Commandments". These commandments are a guideline for our "on-line" lives. The kids had amazing insights as to how each of these "Tech 10" related to the actual 10 Commandments. Below are a list of the "commandments", along with some of the thoughts that were shared in regards to these Commandments over the course of those retreat days.

The Tech Ten Commandments  (by Tim Welch: Creative Catechist Feb/Mar 2013)

You shall know that God is present everywhere, even online.
*We feel a... Read More

A Night at the Movies

Last updated on June 13, 2013

A Night at the Movies
      This past weekend was so wonderful! It was spent with 50 young people from the Archdiocesan High School and Young Adult Leadership teams. These teams are made up of young people from around the diocese who come together to work on projects several times a year. Each member of the team is also asked to do a project of some description in their own home communities to help raise funds/awareness for a worthy cause. I have been in a number of communities over the year where our young people have done a great job in doing so! THIS particular project that I am talking about today: “Variety Night: A Night at the Movies” is the effort put together by the folks from the leadership team who are from Regina and area. They joined forces to “go big” instead of each doing a project in their individual parishes. In my humble opinion and based on the feedback I have received, this venture was a rousing S U C C E S S!

Support: I want to...

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If We Build It, They Will Come

Last updated on April 12, 2013

Probably one of the most commonly asked questions that I hear voiced in our churches today is the ever present lament: “How are we going to get our young people back into our churches?” Now… I used to think that I happen to hear this all the time because I am the youth coordinator, but I am starting to see it is a concern that crosses over into most areas of ministry. I would never be so presumptuous as to claim I have the answers to a question that has  so many layers of complexity, however, a number of years working  “in the trenches” myself, and working and sharing with many others who share the same concerns have given me some insights I would like to share.

1. They need an advocate in the parish. This should be someone who loves young people and who is prepared to sometimes serve as a necessary bridge between them and the rest of the parish groups. Ideally, that would be a youth minister or a youth worker, but they need somebody, who is approachable, visible...

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Generations Unite

Last updated on March 25, 2013

When we first started dreaming about the "My Generation" Youth rally, in the Fall, it was our hope that many generations would be energized and renwed by the enthusiasm of our young people. They did not disappoint!  Not only did several generations work together to make it happen, several generations also got to have a front row seat to the celebration led by the young people. The observations below, came from a university student, who offered their services as a leader at the My Gen Rally:
I had the most amazing time this weekend. I absolutely loved being a small group leader and completely forgot how amazing it is to work with youth. My group was quite diverse and before the end of the first session, I had even the most shy member sharing her experience. And by the second group, she was one of the people to go first. It was a gift for me to be able to create an environment where students with very diverse lives were able to all share their experiences, and even... Read More

Y'all Come!

Last updated on March 8, 2013

Y’All Come!
    Two weeks ago, I was blessed to experience the Religious Educators Conference in Anaheim, California. There were so many speakers to listen to, so much to learn, so much to experience. For me, however, one theme seemed to keep recurring: “All are welcome here”. It made me think long and hard about how we operate as church. Do we believe that? Do we operate that way? ARE all welcome?

    Although we no doubt have much work to do in this area, I see signs of hope! This upcoming weekend is a good example. Our youth rally on March 16th and 17th has been a labour of love for dozens of volunteers over the last 6 months and will see 100 volunteers come together with a common vision. Young people, older folk and “in the middle” folk, all working together and sharing their particular visions, perspectives and areas of expertise.  It has been such a cool experience!  And it has resulted in an event I am so excited to share with the young people of our diocese! It...

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Solomon-like Leadership

Last updated on January 10, 2013

This past weekend, 30 young people from our Diocesan High School Leadership Team gathered to hone their leadership skills.  It was a jam packed weekend! Thanks to resurrection Parish for their hospitality in allowing us to gather there. (and drink your juice...we owe you 8 scoops of "Tang". : ) 
Together we looked at 5 principles of leadership which we gleaned from a look at the leadership style of King Solomon.
1. Good leaders see the big picture.
2. Good leaders don't take themselves too seiously.
3. Good leaders pick their battles.
4. Good leaders seek to be of service to others (Corporal Works of Mercy)
5. Good leaders are faithful in serving and leave the results to God.
WE have some wise young people among us! There were lots of good insights. They also did a really good job of bonding as a team...sharing prayers and affirmations for each other, time for some good music and of course our fair share of hilarious antics that had me...

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The Craving for Community

Last updated on November 7, 2012

The Craving for Community
     As a visitor at a good number of the “Catholics Call Home” meetings this month, it seems to me that there is a recurring theme that is at the root of many of the concerns that have been expressed. That theme is a desire for community. Our Catholic faith is rich with liturgy and tradition and sacred teaching, and none of it can be celebrated in it's fullness, if we don’t have people to journey with us. Unfortunately, many of our young people today know very little about liturgy and tradition and church teaching. But they do KNOW how to build community! And they KNOW they NEED community. And they are spending their time where they FIND that community…..often times….sadly, most times, not in our parishes!  

      It is not too late for us to get them back! They are NOT uncaring or hopeless or uninterested. But they ARE lost and confused and lonely. They are just trying to survive in a crazy world and they know they need community...

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Bring It On!

Last updated on October 17, 2012

Bring It On!

The Year of Faith was ushered in on Thursday, October 11 at Holy Rosary Cathedral. The celebration of music, drama and symbolism celebrated all the generations of our church. I am especially grateful to the young adults and high school students who shared their faith through music and art. The musical group “Revelation” under the direction of Corinne Pirot shared their music ministry generously. We even had a group of young people make the trip from Weyburn to join us in “revealing the face of Christ” to the congregation.

The Year of Faith is the start of a great adventure that is long over due! It challenges us to live with energy and enthusiasm, both the individual and joint missions that we have been called to. And God just keeps placing young people in front of me who are prepared to lead the way! A few weeks ago, I was at a retreat with 20 young leaders in our church. The retreat leader led us in an opening activity that had us share a number of...

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Go Big or Go Home!

Last updated on September 4, 2012

      I have had such a wonderful summer! We celebrated the wedding of our youngest son. We also celebrated, with our oldest daughter and her husband, the arrival of their first child and our first grandchild! AND, it all happened the same week!

      In late July/early August, I was blessed to spend the week in Esterhazy as we travelled back into the old west and onto the “Holy Trails Vacation Bible School.” I am so grateful to Shannon Cisyk and her crew for their hard work, vision and hospitality. I met some great kids and I learned a lot about the blessings and challenges of being a rural parish. It was a great experience for me.

     I also was able to visit (albeit briefly) 2 of the long running summer camps in our diocese: Camp Lemieux and Camp Monahan and see some of the great work they do there. Miracles happen at camp!

    Finally, I got to have all kinds of adventures with the young people who attended our 2 diocesan camps: (...

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Last updated on June 12, 2012

Variety is the Spice of Life!
       Many of my waking hours for the month of May, were spent working with some members of our young adult and high school leadership teams as they worked feverishly to put together their fundraising effort in support of mission work in the Philippines: The Incredible, Audible, Edible Variety Show. (Say THAT 3 times!)   They provided 4 evenings of wonderful entertainment and in the end saw a profit of $8000 for their cause. Over the last 2 weeks since that show ended and I make my way through the piles of paper on my desk, that have been eagerly awaiting my attention, I have had the time to ponder how blessed I am to work with the wonderful young people that I do! It never ceases to amaze me how many good things happen when you bring young people together with a purpose! When you treat young adults LIKE adults, they almost always rise to the occasion! The variety of gifts, variety of personalities, and variety of life situations that they...

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