Catholic Health Care

World Day of the Sick Hearts

"Do not hesitate to visit the sick, because for such deeds you will be loved." (Sirach 7:35) 


The Pastoral Visit

Pastoral Care focuses on people's needs from a spiritual and theological perspective in order to help create an optimum climate for healing of body, mind and spirit. Scripture, prayer, sacraments, listening, counseling and the provision of a loving presence are offered to patients, families, and staff alike as they journey through crisis and illness.

The chaplain collaborates with priests assisting with pastoral care and facilitates volunteer pastoral care workers and visitors.

In times of sickness, people often find themselves pondering the meaning of life, inwardly searching for answers, for peace, for wholeness, for God. The Pastoral Care Visitor provides the patient with an opportunity to voice his/her anxieties, fears and hopes, and helps him/her to look at them from a spiritual perspective.

It is the hope and prayer of the Pastoral Care Team that those ministered to will experience the love and compassion of our God.

Pastoral Care seeks to provide that spiritual dimension to help patients find meaning and purpose in what's happening, by allowing expression of their fears, concerns, and needs to a listening and understanding heart. In doing so, Pastoral Care attempts to bring that healing presence which is so often needed and wanted.

Download the Guidelines for Spiritual Care Handbook.


Sandra Kary, Executive Director of Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan wrote a series of articles about the health care system in 2011, for the Prairie Messenger under the banner of Catholic Connections (a provincial committee that gathers to network and discuss the common concerns and celebrations in both ministries). To read any of these articles, just click on the title below.



Wascana Rehab

Sunday at 10:30 am in the chapel
Mass / lay service every Friday from September to June at 1 pm in the chapel

Chaplain: Karen Ziegler, (306)530-6511

KZiegleratarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


Pasqua Hospital   

  • There is a Mass in the hospital chapel every Sunday at 11 am.
  • If you have any questions about Roman Catholic Spiritual Care at the Pasqua Hospital or would like a visit from a chaplain or a priest visit for the Sacrament of the Sick or Reconciliation,

Please contact Chaplain: Bonnie Thiele-Hunt (306)519-1380 

bthieleatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


General Hospital 

  • If you have any questions about Roman Catholic Spiritual Care at the General Hospital or would like a visit from a chaplain or a priest visit for the Sacrament of the Sick or Reconciliation,

Please contact Chaplain: Jerry Fitzgerald (306)519-1405
jfitzgeraldatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca (.)


What's New

This year marks the 75th Annual Convention of the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan which will be held on October 22-23, 2018 at Saskatoon Inn.

Our first keynote, Sr. Nuala Kenny, OC, MD, FRCP will help us to focus on Jesus as our True North. Sr. Nuala will reflect on the journey of change and the inevitable questions we all face regarding health, illness, suffering, and dying. Sr. Nuala will provide a spiritual and biblical reflection to this by linking Jesus’ own experience of suffering and death with real-life stories about patients.She will be followed by Dr. Tracy Trothen, who will share her expertise on Why Values Matter and How Do We Know What’s Right with a focus on Moral Distress. Dr. Trothen will lead us through an interactive exploration of values and explore the reality of moral distress, and what happens when we find our values compromised. Finally, we are privileged to have the opportunity to hear Gregg Brown, MSC, CTDP, who will lead us to his...

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Hospital Chaplains Still On The Job

Last updated on February 6, 2018

REGINA…Hospital chaplains in Saskatchewan, remain on the job but the process to obtain their services is awkward and not always successful, said Nick Jesson, of the Regina Archdiocese.  He is the Archdiocesan ecumenical coordinator and one of a team of people trying to get the Spiritual care office restored to the health district. The office acted as the coordination centre for the hospital chaplains. “It used to be when patients were being admitted they were asked if they required the services of a chaplain and if so their faith denomination. Lists for each denomination were prepared and given to the spiritual care office and made available to the chaplains of the different faith denominations.  It was simple and straight forward,” said Jesson. Now, if a patient wants the services of a chaplain, and Jesson emphasised the denominational chaplains, Anglican, Lutheran Roman Catholic, United and one multi-faith chaplain, are available, the patient has to ask staff on the hospital...

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Last updated on November 8, 2017

The Saskatchewan Catholic School Board Association presented three Appreciation awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to Catholic Education over their lengthy years of service.

Bernadette Cey spent 15 years in Catholic education as a teacher from Grades one to high school. During those years she also coordinated Sacramental Preparation, parent meetings, and Eucharist celebrations. She has served as Religious Education Consultant with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division, Moose Jaw.

Prince Albert Bishop Albert Thevenot is the bishop in charge of Catholic Education in Saskatchewan.  He is a trained teacher who spent many years in the classroom and he has accumulated many interesting experiences, especially while teaching in Africa, that have heavily influenced him in becoming an exceptional leader in education.

Bruno Tuchscherer became a Catholic School Board Trustee in 1988 and has served for 29 years. Since 2004 he has served as Board...

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BY Frank Flegel

Saskatchewan Catholic Schools started this year with a controversy over a letter included in the information package that all students receive. The letter was from the Saskatchewan Bishops and cautioned parents with regard to their moral obligations and their right to choose to have their children vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. The letter has been part of the student information package for the past ten years and had not been updated with current studies of the human papillomavirus vaccine and the advantages to children, both female and male, in receiving this vaccine.

The report of a protest in Saskatoon of this outdated letter prompted an aggressive mainstream media call for an explanation by the Regina Archdiocese and the Director of Education. The offending letter had been written as advice to Catholic parents and stated the vaccine...

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CHASSK & SCSBA Joint Convention

Last updated on September 27, 2017
To God's Beloved serving and learning
from those who are vulnerable Joint convention of the
Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan

and the

Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association
October 20 - 22, 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Regina


Anne Butler

Session 1: The Beauty of the Dancer: Embracing Our Own Vulnerability
Session 2: The Beauty of the Song: Embracing the Vulnerability of Others

Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Session 3: Becoming Experts in Humanity: Understanding the Factors taht Influcence Human Behavior and Limit Authentic Freedom
Session 4: Mercy and Beyond: Understanding the Obstacles that Keep Us From Being Merciful Witnesses

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Our Volunteers Make Us A Better Church

Last updated on February 2, 2017
“Christ has no body now but yours, no hands no feet on earth but yours,”  these  words by St. Teresa of Avila best describe the work of Christ currently being done by the dozens of volunteers who work with the Chaplains in the Archdiocesan of Regina. These dedicated people from parishes across Regina bring the Gospel, the Eucharist, and a friendly ear to  the aged, sick and dying. You will find them in the halls of Pioneer Village, Wascana Rehabilitation Hospital, the Regina General and Pasqua hospitals.  Most volunteers are retired or semi-retired and want to be of service to their church and it’s people. They are caregivers in every sense of the word. In appreciation of their efforts Archbishop Don Bolen said, “Thank you. You are the presence of the  church in the lives of the sick and the suffering. You touch hearts one by one, day by day and today, because of the laws encouraging people who are ill to take their own lives, you are more important than ever.”  Archbishop Bolen spoke... Read More

I have recently received several communications expressing concern about the supposed decision of the Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories to deny funerals to anyone who has died by assisted suicide. The decision is often portrayed as cold and heartless and even as a pastoral abandonment of a suffering family at a very difficult time. Many people express deep hurt and anger over this decision.

After hearing people's concerns, my first question is, “Have you read the document, or just the media reports?”

Fellow Catholics, if you learn anything from this episode, let it be this: whenever the media reports something about the church that makes you confused or frustrated, check the sources.

While some media outlets have been more careful than others, it is certainly fair to say that the impression most Canadians have is that the bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have pronounced that no one who has died by assisted suicide will be permitted a...

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The Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan (CHAS) is another casualty of the provincial government’s revenue problems; it’s $85,000.00 grant will not be paid this year. “That’s about a third of budget,” said outgoing President Theresa Jelinski as she addressed CHAS’ October 20, annual meeting held in Moose Jaw.

The group received the news October 3, three months after the beginning of it’s new fiscal year. “We will have to be creative to replace that funding,” said incoming President Chris Donald in an interview with the PM.  CHAS Executive Director Sandra Kary said the organization will approach the government and request at least the first quarter payment be restored. “We feel that money is still owed to us in all fairness.” Kary said the options are to increase revenue or cut costs. “We may have to do a bit of both,” said Kary. She noted the conference theme is Hope Floats, “so we’re quite hopeful that we’re going to find a way...

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Santa Maria Seniors Home Celebrates

Last updated on October 4, 2016


REGINA…..It took 18 months and about $180,000.00 and Santa Maria Senior Citizen Home’s oldest section is now more modern with new furniture and new windows. The windows are not only new and venting they are lower so residents can see outside while in bed or sitting in chairs. A reception was held in the home’s main floor entrance and gathering area September 14 to celebrate the end of the project.

Santa Maria was built in 1968 by the Regina Archdiocese with sponsorship from the Knights of Columbus. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke operated the facility until 1985. They continued to live in residence and provided pastoral care services until 1998. The Sisters of Our Lady of Missions moved into the residence following the departure of the Sisters of St. Joseph and continue to help with pastoral services.

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Dear Members and Friends of the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan:

Please consider this your invitation to the Compassionate Healers Masses, held in each of the three dioceses in Saskatchewan.

This fall marks the hosting of the 11th year in Saskatoon, and 10th in PA and Regina. We are fortunate to have the Bishop of each Diocese presiding at each Mass.

Please know that although the Eucharist will be celebrated for those of the Catholic faith, the invitation to this mass has been extended to all who support and serve in the healing ministry of Christ.

Please circulate this invitation to any of your contacts that you think might appreciate this gathering. Also attached are posters (specific diocese & all locations) that you might want to print and post in your facility, parish or place of work.

For your information, here are the dates and locations throughout the province.

11:00 a.m.  Sacred...

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