By: Pastor Tim Falk - Courtesy of Last Mountain Times

I went to the bank in the city a few months ago to make a simple transaction. The teller's response to my request was polite, yet pointed, "You know you can do this online, right?" I did know that I enjoy human interaction and talking to people face to face.

The way we interact with and relate to people seems to be changing at breakneck speed. You can order groceries online and wait in your car for someone to bring them out to you. You can pay all of your bills from your phone, and you can talk to family members around the world with a laptop and Internet connection. The list could go on. I find it sad to think that my daughter will never learn to answer a telephone in our home because we don't have a landline anymore.

There are many benefits to these advances, but I fear that we don't realize the cost. It is not a cost that affects our bank accounts, but rather our emotions and our ability to relate to one another. As we transition into an era where most people are on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, we must be very intentional to continue to preserve what makes us human.

There is something exceptional about the human race. We are Special because of our ability to desire and create. We are special because our being searches for beauty in things even when it is rather impractical. We are special because deep inside, we all have a longing for justice and love. There is no question about it; we are special. We are special and its no accident. We are created special. We are stamped with the image of our Creator.

So as we consider this summer how to spend our time, let's take a moment to think about the truly important things. And in this quest to regain our humanity, let's take time to look to our Creator for direction.

When we understand our origins that our lives will take on their true meaning and purpose, it is a deeper purpose than searching for the best deals online or seeing what our friends post on social media. It is a purpose that brings us back to the reality of finding joy in face-to-face life.

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