By Alison Bradish

Regina and surrounding area seniors have a new option when it comes to choosing a home.

Following in the footsteps and design of its sister home in Saskatoon, Trinity Manor Westerra in Regina opened in June, and according to Executive Director Tricia Engel, the residence is first and foremost a Catholic Health Facility dedicated to helping seniors live to the fullest.

“Our facility here is modeled after the one in Saskatoon, which has been hugely successful.   We’ve replicated a lot of the features,” says Engel.  “We are looking to provide piece of mind for our residents. A sense of security and safety is very important,” added Engel referring to the state-of-the-art facility, and what it offers seniors in terms of safety systems in each suite and 24-hour on-site staff.

The Saskatoon facility to which Engel is referring is Trinity Manor at Stonebridge which opened its doors five years ago.  Since then the Saskatoon facility has been in high demand, says Suzanne Turmel, Executive Director of the Stonebridge home.   “We are very successful, we don’t advertise, it is by word of mouth. We provide excellent care, “she said, noting that currently she has to turn people away daily because there are no suites available.

Turmel credits the success of the Saskatoon home to good nursing care, and the fact that all staff are licensed care givers.  She also says there is an atmosphere of welcome.   “We make sure we answer the needs of our residents.  They are not a number.  It’s an extremely caring community.  People feel that it’s their home, not a place they have to go to live, but their home.”

Although the Trinity Manor Westerra in Regina has not experienced the same influx of residents as the Saskatoon facility has, Engel knows what it has to offer will benefit Regina seniors in the way it has for those in Saskatoon.   The facility is still just a few months old, but the staff and services are there and ready to support seniors who are making Trinity Manor Westerra their home.  “We want to support them in living the best quality life that they can live…. We do that by providing programming that includes health and wellness, recreation, fitness, hobbies, weekly outings,” says Engel.

She adds that what is important to seniors and those who love them, is to support residents in maintaining their independence.    They do not separate couples and they offer residents care based on their needs. 

Residents can enjoy amenities such as a saltwater pool, meals prepared by a Red Seal chef and a licensed bistro and coffee lounge. 

Different options are available for seniors including lifetime leases or rental options. 

The facility offers daily Mass in its Chapel, and although it is Catholic run, the home itself is open to people of all faiths.  There are several priests and religious who now call Trinity Manor Westerra home. 

Alison Bradish lives in Moose Jaw with her husband and two children.  They attend St. Joseph’s Parish.   She earned Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the University of Regina.  She is naturally curious about local and world events.  She writes from her home where she strives to bloom where she is planted.    She often feels pulled to the topics of religion, education and politics. 

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