By Pastor Tim Falk - Wynyard Gospel Church - Courtesy of Last Mountain Times

At Wynyard Gospel Church, we host a weekly youth group. This year as youth leaders, we have made a goal to help our youth become "the best  youth possible." 

When we think of our best selves, our minds will often jump to what we need and how to get it. There is usually a misconception that to be the best me possible and to enjoy our life, that everything needs to be about me.  I need to have my dream job with my dream wage. I deserve bigger and better toys. I'm entitled to comfort and security.

This mindset seems especially true in light of our current political environment. Many people in the prairies have felt forgotten and overlooked. It feels like there is no way for us to be "the best you possible," because we aren't getting what we think is right.

As we meet with our youth group, we are trying to change this mentality. We start our discussion time with name-calling. Positive name-calling. We take time to look around the circle and call out people for the good things we have seen in them. In doing this, the youth, especially, have created a space that is encouraging and life-giving. They have taken the time and put thought into building each other up. They are becoming "the best you possible," not by looking out for themselves, but by looking out for others first.

As I think about the change, I have seen in our youth since we started the name-calling. It turns my attention to this season of remembrance. We remember people who thought of others first. When we think of this, we think of Jesus, who gave His life for our freedom. The freedom he offers isn't wavering and uncertain, like the freedom of this world. Jesus' freedom is eternal and life-changing.

Before it was ever our goal as youth leaders to help the youth to become "the best you possible," it was Jesus' goal to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Jesus said: I have come so that you may have life and life in all its fullness (John10:10).

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