Image by Gabriel Jimenez from Unsplash

By Deacon Norbert Gaudet - Last Mountain Times

I’ve heard that farmers are the land keepers, especially here in Saskatchewan, where much of the land is farmland. Farmers are to use good practices so that the soil may continue to produce through the generations to come. It becomes their responsibility to keep the soil healthy. The farmer puts in the seed, but God’s natural creation (the rain, the sun, and the soil) provides the growth. We begin to understand the nature of the soil through science, but must be careful not to throw this nature out of balance. Unhealthy, imbalanced soil cannot grow crops, no matter the rain and the sun. It is essential to keep the soil healthy. This reality is the same as the soil of our hearts. How healthy do we keep the soil of our hearts so that God’s Word can grow?

Jesus explains the parable of the sower to his disciples in Matthew 13:18-24. He tells them that the seed (The Word of God) only produces in good soil. God has planted his Word in our hearts. The question is, what is the quality soil of my heart? Is it hard? Not allowing God’s Word to grow, and “the evil one comes and snatches it away”? Or, is it too rocky and the Word has no roots, and so when trouble and persecution come, we immediately fall away from God? Or, is it full of thorns/weeds (the cares of the world and lure of wealth) that chokes the Word out of us? Or, is it good enough to bear and yield fruit?

The pandemic has created many stresses for many people in many different ways. Let’s take time to examine our own heart, checking the quality of our soil. Are we allowing our love to be snatched away? Are we letting the trials and hardships of the pandemic push God away? Are we letting the cares of the world choke love out of our lives? We are called to bear fruit, whether it is thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or hundred-fold. It is up to us to keep our soil healthy. Jesus brings nourishment and life to our soil. Do we fertilize our soil with Jesus? A plaque in my daughter’s house says, “Jesus is always the answer.” No matter the circumstance, the question, Jesus is the answer. Allow a little more of Jesus in the soil of your heart.

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