2022 Reverence for Life Resources

In 2022, we said goodbye to several of our original members who started this work in 2013. We owe them a debt of gratitude for all the work, prayer, and energy that they have put into this commission. The creativity and dedication that you have exercised throughout these last years is a beautiful testament to the care and compassion that the Reverence for Life Commission hopes to help foster in the lives of the members of the Archdiocese of Regina. Thank you!

We also welcomed new members to the commission. This year, our new, and one old, members shared a bit of their personal stories about why the work of the Reverence for Life Commission is important. We hope that these testimonies will help reinvigorate the work that so many of you are doing in your communities.

Reverence for Life Prayer

Reverence for Life Prayer Slides – For Parish Use

Reverence for Life Prayer Card Template – Print and Distribute as needed

Testimonies of the New Members

Bob Wihlidal: Chair

Andrea Vasquez: Secretary

David Kopriva: Member at Large

Michael Martorana: Member at Large

Clara Rocha: Member at Large